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400 Metre Training Log

Hey, I’ve recently began weight training again in the winter season of athletics.
I want to improve my max. strength and power as much as i can before i begin competing again in the summer. Speed and power is what I lack in 400 metre sprinting and I feel that if I improve these aspects of my race I will lower my time dramatically.

Current PBs:
60m - 7.77i (5th Dec 2010)
100m - 12.1 (17th April 2011 + 26th June 2011)
150m - 18.0 (27th Mar 2011)
200m - 23.8 (26th June 2011)
300m - 39.17i (4th Dec 2011)
400m - 53.83 (17th May 2011)
400H - 68.3 (4th Jun 2011)
600m - 1:30.49 (17th Dec 2011)
800m - 2:10.5 (1st April 2012)
Deadlift - 180kg (21st Feb 2012)
Squat ATG - 120kg (27th Feb 2012)
Bench Press - 90kg (9th Mar 2012)
Clean - 70kg x 1 (18th Apr 2012)
Standing Long Jump - 2.67m (25th Feb 2012)

Aims for 2012:
200m - 23.6
400m - 52.5
400H - 62.0
800m - 2:06
Squat ATG - 150kg
Deadlift - 200kg
Bench Press - 110kg

My first session was a bit of a mix since I haven’t lifted weights for max. strength in a while.

Friday 6th January :
Squat - 100kg ATG - 6 x 5 reps
Deadlift - 130kg - 5 x 5 reps
Leg Curl - 75kg x 5, 70kg x 5 x 5 reps
Shoulder Press (smith machine) - 70kg x 5 x 5 reps
DB Bicep Curl - 18kg x 5, 16kg x 5 x 5 reps (each arm)
Lateral Row - 68kg x 5 x 5 reps

Going to hit the gym later tonight, hopefully I’ll have some official numbers up for a one rep max on squat and deadlift by then.

Age: 18
Weight: 164lbs

Monday 9th January
Squat ATG:
110kg x 4, 110kg x 3 reps x 2 sets
100kg x 5 x 4 (100kg felt much easier than my last session)

Leg Curl:
75kg x 3 x 4
70kg x 5 x 3

Bench Press:
70kg x 5 x 3 (couldn’t go higher because my head injury was causing problems while lying on the bench)

Barbell High Pull:
40kg x 5 x 4

Cleans (very easy):
40kg x 3 x 4

I just used the same bar as the Barbell High Pull for the cleans and did the sets inbetween each other.

10th January (track):
Started with my new coach today and I have never felt such lactic!
Lactic acid was running through my fore-arms by the end of the session and i could barely close my hands ha!
Horrible cold, windy weather…

4 x 300m (45,45,46,47 seconds) - 5 minute recoveries
2 x 200m (35,35 seconds) - 30 seconds rest
4 x 40m - walkback recoveries

11th January (gym) -
Tired from the track session the night before!

Warm up - 5 minutes skipping, 10 pressups, 10 chinups, 2 x 10 DB swings (17.5kgs)

Squats - 3 set of 5 - 100kg
Deadlifts - 110kg x 5, 130kg x 5, 140kg x 5
Romanian Deadlifts - 70kg x 10 x 3 sets
Bench Press - (70kg x 5) x 3
Shoulder press - 3 x 5 reps - 20kgs (easy)
Bent Over rows - 5 x 50kg, 5 x 60kg, 5 x 70kg
3 x 15 situps

Thursday 12th January (track):
2 x 500m (15 mins rest between) - 79 seconds and 85 seconds
(5 minutes rest)
2 x 200m (30 seconds rest) - 30s and 35s
4 x 40m ( cramped in the calve on the third rep so i pulled out)

Saturday 14th January (track):
5 x 80m (full recoveries)
Hurdle drills

I’ve started to do some short runs over hurdles by myself, focusing on technique. I’m thinking of doing a few 400m hurdles runs this summer and i want to suprise people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Been Ill for a few days :frowning: Going to try and do some light treadmill work tonight and see how i feel, should be back on the track by thursday with a bit of luck!

Finally, I have beaten the Food Poisoning! Turns out I had something called ‘campylobacter’ and if you’ve ever had it, you’ll know it is a bitch! I’ll be watching my cooking from now on…especially when chicken is concerned. I’m going to head off to the track tomorrow and do some short sprints with full recovery followed by a few hurdle drills and then a weight session to get back into it. My first session with my coach next week is on tuesday and it will be a killer :frowning: Great to be back and healthy again though!

Sunday 22nd January (gym):
Felt a bit weak because i’ve lost quite a bit of weight with my illness. I am now 159lbs.

Squat (properly ATG, thighs against calves):
Bar x 10 (warm-up)
60kg x5
80kg x5
100kg x5, x3, x3, x2

Bench Press:
60kg x 10
70kg x5, x5, x4
60kg x 8

Bent-over Barbell Row:
60kg x5 reps x 4 sets

100kg x 5
120kg x5 reps x 3 sets

23rd January:
Birthday :slight_smile: Felt lazy and legs and lower back were aching a little so i did a small treadmill workout:
10km/h on 1 percent incline : 10 mins
13km/h 2 percent incline : 5 mins
18km/h 5 percent incline: 1 minute x 2

Track starts again tomorrow :slight_smile:

January 24th (track):
Horrible session tonight:
150m 80-90% effort (250m jog recovery) x 4
250m 50-60% effort (150m jog recovery) x 4

Coach is still keeping up the volume and working on lactic acid/aerobic energy systems. A couple more weeks of this and hopefully we’ll switch to some Faster, higher quality rep work as pre-season training begins.

January 26th (track and small gym session after):
2 x 600m (pretty slow, terrible conditions) - 5 minute rests
2 x 200m (<28 seeconds) - 45-60 seconds rest inbetween
4 x 40m (walkback recovery)

Bench Press: (felt stronger than usual :))
70kg x 5, x 6, x 6
75kg x 5, x 4, x 4

DB Bicep Burl:
17.5kgs x 5, x5
15kgs x 6, x6, x6

Friday January 27th (track and gym):
2 lap pulse raiser
drills and stretching
40m x 7 (full recovery) 100% effort
Hurdle runs

60kg x 10 (warmup)
130kg x 5
150kg x 4, x 3, x 3
160kg x 3 (took everything out of me aswell as the track session)

Squat ATG: (absolutely nackered from deadlifting)
90kg x 3
100kg x 3

Called it a day after those lifts, too tired

January 29th (treadmill):
Legs still feeling a bit tight from the deadlifting the other day, probably not helped by the fact I was up all night last night flyering outside a nightclub. Decided to do some light treadmill work to flush out the lactic.

10km/h - 1 minute (warm-up)
15km/h - 9 minutes
16.5km/h - 1 minute
(5 minute rest)
10km/h - 1 minute (warm-up)
16km/h - 5 minutes

Felt quite hot and sweaty in the un-airconditioned uni accomodation gym, legs feel a bit better though :slight_smile:

30th January (gym):
Bench press :
80kg x 3 reps x 4 sets
75kg x 3, x 2

Dumbell Flyes:
10kgs x 6 reps x 3 sets
12.5kgs x 6 reps x 2 sets

Bodyweight Dips:

Dumbell Curls:
17.5kgs x 5 reps x 3 sets, x 3

Bentover Rows:
50kg x 5
60kg x 5, x 5

One flat-out 60m on the track to finish but legs felt tight so I decided not to continue. Track tomorrow…

Any advice on how to progress with my lifts faster? I’m thinking of taking up powerlifting to supplement my sprint training but I saw that the unassisted british qualifying weight was 385kg for 75kg weight class in U20 and if I’m correct then my PBs would just make this at the moment (Bench 85, Deadlift 180, Squat 120) without any real training behind me…

[quote]masterhaichanchu wrote:
Any advice on how to progress with my lifts faster? I’m thinking of taking up powerlifting to supplement my sprint training but I saw that the unassisted british qualifying weight was 385kg for 75kg weight class in U20 and if I’m correct then my PBs would just make this at the moment (Bench 85, Deadlift 180, Squat 120) without any real training behind me…[/quote]

you could always power lift on your own. Find a good program and give it a shot. Also if it’s winter and you can afford to put on some weight, maybe a short clean-bulking cycle to get some extra muscle on you. If you’re a track athlete you’ll have no problem leaning down in the spring, while keeping the power you gained

Would you recommend any good training programs? :slight_smile:

Tuesday 31st Jan (track):
Finished my lecture at 4:30 and I had training with my coach at 6 on the track and it takes me 30 mins to walk home so I decided to do a little 20 minute gym session to kill some time.

70kg x 5 reps x 3, x 4 reps

Bicep Curls:
17.5kgs x 6 reps x 3

Squats deep:
60kg x 8
80kg x 5
100kg x 3
110kg x 1
120kg x 1 (PB) :slight_smile:


  • Mile time trial (took this quite easy), sub zero temperatures :confused: - 5:41
  • 4 x 200m (1 minute 30 seconds rest) - 30,32,29,28

Got my Biomechanics exam results back for my Sport and Exercise Science degree : 78 percent :slight_smile:
A good day.

[quote]masterhaichanchu wrote:
Would you recommend any good training programs? :)[/quote]

have you looked at starting strength? Not sure how advanced of a lifter you are