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400 lb Bench...How Hard?


I just recently competed in my first powerlifting meet.I squatted 365 and benched 365 for my new personal record and 1st place overall ( competetion is insane by the way i love it). So it got me to thinking how hard is it to get from that 365 to 400? I've heard it gets really hard when you get around 380

heres my stats

Age: 17
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 248
Bench: 365


I couldn't tell you (because I haven't done it yet) but I know 400 feels a whole lot heavier than 355 (my max).

I've pressed up to 485 off of pins (set right near lock-out) and every time I went over 405 it felt real heavy in my hands compared to 355.

A friend of mine can get just over 400 raw, and he said it took a long time to get from 350 to 400, but he didn't say what a long time was.


That's a good bench for your age, if not necessarily for your size.
Your bench and squat were the same? Your main priority should be to improve your squat. You should be able to squat a lot more than you can bench. If you improve your squat, your all-over body strength will go up.


Going from 325 to 375 was a bitch. Once I hit 375, 400 was only a couple months away. Now, at 430, I am knocking on 450 raw.


Just wondering..do you guys all bench elbows tucked in or out?


It varies from person to person.

I hit a plateau right at 400 and it was stagnant for a long time (I weighed 195). I started training heavier, working on deads and squats. Eventually, I could hit 365 for 6 before I was forced to stop for 2 years (it sux but I had no choice). I gained a lot of mass by doing this (up to 225~230).

You are the in the prime position to make gains due to age and such. Keep training hard and you will crash through 400 before you notice it. If you are anything like me, once you hit 2x bodyweight it will take a toll on your body. I was always sore in my ribs more than muscles. It was a good thing.

To answer your question, it took me about 24 months (age 17-19) to get from 335 to 400.
335 was my plateau for a long time.

Good luck!


Nice stats man and you are only 17! Shit I wish I could bench that when I was your age. I weighed 175 at your age and was skinny as shit at 6 '4.

I train as a bodybuilder and not a powerlifter but found that I had a hard time hitting 405 on the bench. I could bench 375-385 3/4 times so I think I should not have had a problem with 405. I think for me it was more psycholgical b/c once I hit it the first time I was fine after. My PR is 455 "BB style" (so no arch). Good luck man, think "light weight!" (like Ronnie) and train hard.