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40+ Yr Olds - Your Favored Supplement?


Or better yet, which supplements do you find are the most important to your progress?
Protein/post workout shakes? T-boosters? Recovery aids? Multi-vitamins?
I'm 46 and just getting back into lifting several years away from the iron.
Using the 5/3/1 and doing hill sprints 3 days a week.
I'm already noticing I'm a little sorer than I used to get, a little slower making recovering, and gains come little slower. Just wondering what others in this age group find important
and useful. Thanks.



Used to take lots of supplements in my early 20's. Obviously more succeptible to advertising back then.

I take nothing but food these days and to be totally honest I cant tell the difference and I couldn't back then either. One thing I do know is I've saved alot of money!


T and thyroid medicine, Doctor provided of course...
oh and Asthma medicine...

Mmmm cheap steaks....

cheap protein bars and brownies...

yeah that's about it...


Whey is consistent when I'm trying to gain some weight / muscle (like now). I don't have the biggest appetite so it is an easy way to get protein in. And I'll grab a shake to go when I know I'm not get a chance to eat for a while (i.e. running the kids to sports right after work).

I think it was Wendler (or maybe Tate) that said drink the shake before you eat to lose weight, as it kills your appetite, and after you eat to gain. Seems to work.


eat clean: chicken, steak, salmon, tuna, lean ham, eggs; veggies of most all kinds; oatmeal, brown rice for most of the carbs

supps: always whey, and at times creatine and glutamine. For creatine the cheap mono is the best for me. Fish oil, but I never remember to take it. multi.

test-boosters: tribulus is hit or miss, for me I have had great effects from it.


NSAID's ... Everything always hurts

Seriously see above, add to it Glucosamine ...


As a shitty vegetarian I have a hard time getting protein, so I use lots of whey protein powder, plus I take a multivitamin and supplement with some extra Vitamin D..

Additionally see Colin above and add Vicodin.


I forgot creatine, fish oil and multi. I can't tell for sure how effective they are but I consider them insurance. And they are relatively cheap.

Test boosters I haven't tried but probably will out of curiosity.


Supps: Whey, Fish Oil and a multi

But seriously I think a Good solid food, 8+ hours of sleep, and regular rounds of slap and tickle do more for training than anything short of Vitamin T.


I'm a pretty clean eater - MOST of the time. Have always had a jug of protein around for post workout shakes. Currently taking fish oil and extra vitamin D. I have on occasion taken extra vitamin E, but haven't for a time. Need to find myself a good multi - any suggestions? I Have been reading the T replacement forum, and I think that I am going to have a blood test done and get an idea where I am at and if that's necessary or not. At least that way I'll know where my levels are at.


You talking test boosters as in Alpha? I tried them on a 3month run. I thought overall I could tell a difference. Vitality was the biggest thing I noticed. Other than that, maybe just the feel good endorphins.

Though at 47 I would be interested in knowing of any over the counter test boosters you guys have had success with.

EDIT- Thanks for the shake after dinner thing Git. I can't put wt on even you were on my back.


Yes, Alpha is what I was thinking. Nothing wrong with a little more vitality and feel goodness...I think I'll check it out.

If I recall, the shake idea was actually after each meal. Which can be a little much for some folks. It's kind of like Jello...there is always room for whey.


Creatine, whey and lots of fish oil.


A good multi-vit. For anti-oxidant defence: 100mg CoQ10, 100mg Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 300mg L-Carnitine, 300mg of E (that's Vitamin E not Ecstasy) daily.
Fish oil, Glucosamine.

Make sure you eat your legumes with your chicken / protein source. It's a powerful combination.

Find a cheap place to buy BCAAs and eat them like candy.

Good idea on the wind sprints up hill, less stress on the knees.

Best of luck getting back into training.


Asked about t-boosters theres one callled T-BOL that really works good.

Whey protein
fish oil

BTW start off your running easy like and work into it.


^T-Bol? Is that over the counter? I know I've seen but I don't recall where.......


Is Cialis a supplement? Cause that is my favorite.

Otherwise Metbolic drive low carb protein, Surge, Flame out and Spike. This all and the V-Diet is what got me to level 4 status. Well worth the investment in my opinion.


Primarily whole food, whey protein, mass shake mix (for bulking) and creatine. Protein bars for when I'm on the run (though I do pack a "shake bag" with protein, shaker bottle and water).


T-bol is over the counter. Can be found at Vitamin shop.

Alot of people use this as a PCT or as a stand alone product.


^Thanks Fish. I'm gonna look into it.