40 YO with Low Testosterone; Beginning the Process

Hello. First post here but I’ve been enjoying the many very useful threads. Learning tons and realizing the more I read, the less I seem to know. Anyways, been dealing with many of the symptoms of Low T for a while but figured that I would be fine but I just couldn’t seem to get over the hump. Fatigue, zero progress on workouts, very low libido, always tired, low motivation, etc. Finally decided to get some tests done.

I just realized I’m missing prolactin and LH/FSH.

My general blood work was all in normal ranges (including FT4, TSH, PSA Free) except for LDL, which was high at 184. I can post if if beneficial but I don’t have an image of it at the moment.

Stats: 40 YOWM, 6’ tall and 173 pounds. I mainly like to trail run and bike but do lift weights 3-4 times a week. Diet up until 2-3 weeks ago was mostly good except a fair bit of butter, milk and candy. And a beer or two a night. I’ve really cleaned up my diet since then and have been off alcohol completely.

Temperature upon waking is 97.6 and 97.7 on two separate days.


As I understand it, you need to take your temp in the mid afternoon and compare with wake up temp.