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40 yo Struggling to Find TRT Balance

In your case/thread opening post:
Taking KSMANs newbie suggestion here is my basic info


35 inches


-describe body and facial hair
receding hairline and some thining up top but dont have the bald or going bald look quite yet. Hairy legs if not trimmed and moderate chest/abdomen hair, some hair on my back seems to increase yearly.

-describe where you carry fat and how changed

just below chest and down to love handles. Arms shoulders and legs are lean and showing veins. I have worked hard in the gym and outdoor sports and my BF levels are currently 9% early in the year 6-7% very visible abs.

-health conditions, symptoms [history]

None really in terms of hospital visit. But frequent colds, sinus infections and suffering from soft erections it only goes hard just before orgasm and when I occasionally get morning wood.

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever

I use topical minoxidil and take a herbal tincture that contains saw palmetto.

-lab results with ranges

Here is where I need guidance I live in swizerland and have not found anyone who can help. My doctor will do the tests but even he wasnt sure exactely what I should include. Well he was until questioned him re free and unbound levels blood versus saliva etc at which point he said I best go to a urologist. I will explain my case below.

-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]

Healthy all round, pultry, fish, veg carbs based on my activity etc

-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]

Moderate to high and yes have overtrained in the past but have gotten better at taking a day off currently not a problem.

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?


-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed

Yes more infrequent.

OK some more general information. In 2007 I went to see a doctor in the Uk who specialises in trt (a very taboo issue in the uk) I was prescribed 100mg E to be injected every week. He suggested 200mg every 3 weeks at first and that I had to come to his office. He also was not a particular nice chap and in the end I thought wtf and just did it my self. I then read lots on various forums and found guys who used more than I did and called it TRT.

I did experiment with dosages and also introduced hcg and tried mas and prov. The hcg at very low dosages 125iu twice a week gives me itchy nipples and bloat so I am very sensitive to that. Also my mroning wood is now very occasionally and my erections often soft apart from pre orgasm.
I sense my e2 is too high for a starters.

What I want to achieve.
I have been redusing dossage and now at 100mg ew I am using prop because I want to dial in first and it reacts quicker. I hope this after a while will make me feel less bloated and reduce E2 aswell. When I have hopefully found a happy medium I want to deal with my testicular atrophy (its not very bad) I would like to find a way of using hcg and test at very low levels.

I tried adex once and it shut my libidon down so hard and so fast. I am really hoping that it is possible to just run low test and and low hcg without the need for ancillaries. I am happy to do daily injects to keep everything stable.

I should also mention that I am going to be drug tested next year to a sport I compete in. Hormones makes no difference or geives me any advantage (strength etc is not required) so I am not looking to cheat. In fact I want to come off a few weeks before each time. This is another reason as to why I would like to avoid any ancillaries that take time to clear.


Ideal set up! Work with a doc or consultant and help me get in optimal range with some testicular support and without the use of AI.

This has been hard to find (as in havent found any here)

SO next set up is: Self administer the above dosage for 4-5 weeks and hopefully find a compromise between the two compounds. Then have labs done hopefully get help from here in terms of which which test to start with, post the results and get some help analyzing it.

Other option is if anyone here can recommend (PM) a consultant that saves me all the guess work. Money is not a problem in terms of paying for tests and time. But time itself is IE I will not be able to fly to the states to see someone there but I do travel to the UK.

Thank you so much for reading and thank you to all the contributors here whose posts I have read.



I work with Drs where I have designing programs for HRT for past 7 years. I am not a Dr, but have several years of clinical experience helping to educate Dr in many areas of medicine. The best thing to do is to have proper education and research to have you make the proper choices. You can PM me

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