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40 Years Old - Changed My Workout and Supplements

At 39 years old, my body slow slightly down. Now I’m 40 I’m ready to get in shape.

Cardio: I did high intensity cardio previously (warmup 5:45 on bike than 45 seconds of balls to the wall, for twenty minutes or a little more). Got ok results.

Cardio Change: Cardio twice a day for a least twenty minutes each time. I’ve seen a lot of articles supporting this. One cardio session is right after weight lifting and the other anytime. It should work.

Excercises: Day 1 - Legs, Day 2 - Abs, Day 3 - Chest and Tri, Day 4 - Abs, Day 5 - Back and bi, Day 6 - Abs, Day 7 - nada. Day 8 - Shoulders with clean and presses, Day 9 - Abs - Day 10 - start Day 1 exercises again.

Supplements: Natty Test (Animal Stak) one a day, Primordial Performance (DAA - D-Asparic Acid - first time taking) in the morning, Erase (antiestrogen) 2x a day. Prework - Shock Theraphy, Protein shake after working out with dinner. Extras: L-dopa, L-arginine, dhea.

I might do high intensity cardio on ab day for one of my two cardio sessions.

I will let you guys know if this works.

Status on my workout progress with DAA, Animal Stak and Erase and my training program.

I gained six pounds (note, I can gain 3 pounds in a day easily). My appetite increased dramatically, morning wood. no strength increases. aggression and grumpy like usual but enjoy. Two weeks in and I’m BURN’T OUT, but happy with results but I owe the results to clean and presses, and just heavy lifting. I will let you know if this DAA and Erase increase my strength a week from now or in two weeks.

I’ m watching this, keep it up, don’t forget to throw in a deload from time to time.
I can compete with grumpyness.

avocadoshake - will do.

strength increased yesterday in by lat pull downs (160/170 lbs 5 times) and dumbbell bench press (95 lb dumbbells 5 times, i felt I could of bench pressed 100 lb dumbbells but didn’t have the strength to carry them to the bench and swing the up to do the excercise). doing 5x5 workout. back to basics. don’t know if strength increase is from resting last week due to knee injury or supplements. I stopped taking Animal Stak after I got feedback on another forum here. I don’t feel as moody (aggressive, grumpy, irritable but still grumpy enough to make me happy inside) so far the preworkout supplement definately works and worth the money. don’t know if erase and Daa works yet expect for morning wood. just being honest.

What are you doing for legs?

What are you doing for back?

I guess you are trying to drop weight with all the cardio, so what type of cardio are you doing, just the Bike?

I’m a professional grump. I think you’ll find if you get your T levels right, grumpiness decreases. Folks tend to think more testosterone= agressive/grumpy. I find the opposite to be true. Not as quick to blow my top.

Derek - I changed my whole workout. I stopped the stationary bike high intensity cardio (5:45 warmup and than 45 seconds balls to the wall, reg speed for 1:15 and balls to the wall for 45 seconds etc till over 20 minutes). was doing that after workouts and the next day. I need rest or I burnout. I can’t run due to toe issue and can only walk with rocker shoes (MBT). only can do stationary bike and walk. my new workout is doing a 5x5 workout. 5 sets with 5 reps and I love it so far (only one day on it) except I need more recovery time. Probably I have attention deficient disorder (due to marriage) so I don’t enjoy to many reps or I lose focus.

My legs - just a squat machine 5 sets, 5 reps (have slight chronic back pain, lowest disk is have mild degeneration, typical for most men). regular squats slightly hurt my back. I actually quit my gym a few years ago since I thought I never could lift again with lower back pain but chiro worked.

For back - I’m doing the lat pull downs up to 160 or 170 lbs. 5x5. I will also deadlift. My favorite excercise is the invert row (lay on ground, grab bar and lift back off floor). Will work in pullups and one arm rows later on. I think the deadlifts and lat pulls are enough for now.

My plan now is Monday: 5x5 workout, Tuesday: weighted abs workout, Wednesday: walk two miles at home. Repeat Monday workout:. Sunday I will do the bicycle high intensity workout for 20 minutes or so.

What do you think of this?

Greystoke - how do i get my test levels right? I think this daa and erase supplement might help just enough to keep my test normal since I’m 40 and the heavy lifting will increase my test a lot. The supplements I narrowed my intake for test are just dhea, Trib, L-dopa (velvet bean), L-arginine, daa and erase. I think prohormones or real test would make me mentally crazy and would get too big. I weigh over 220 lbs and I don’t want to get any bigger. of course, part of the 220 is some fat.

Yes, i’m a professional grump too since it I naturally adapted to that mood since grumpy goes with assertiveness and it help me deal with co-workers and progress (construction industry).

My sense of well being is better when I’m grumpy and I stopped worrying. I don’t want to get rid of this attitude. What I want is to heal quicker so I can workout more.

Any suggestions for increasing test and recovery would be great. thanks.

Okay personally I think the 5X5 is a great way to get back into lifting, its a great starting workout.

I have 3 disc herniation in my lower back and I still squat so I am kind of particular about that.

Keep doing what you do for a few months, stay consistent that is key. Log all your workouts here with the weight it keeps you accountable. As you get stronger we can give you advice on what you can do.

Just keep working for now, dont quit.


Hey man that is why we are on here, take it from someone who was up to 305 pounds and lost down to 175.

Just keep grinding and dont quit.

I assumed from the supplements you were taking T levels might be a concern. The only way to know is thru bloodwork. There a a ton of people on this site who know more about this subject than me. It just seemed you have some things backward. Low T will make you bigger in a negative way…harder to loose body fat, and if you are an A type personality, that aint going to change.

At 40 this might not even be a concern. Like I said, I was making an assumption. As far as natural ways. Just lifting, will help increase T levels. I personally dont like prohormones. Too many negatives.

grey - thanks.

greystroke - Status - I listened to you and called my doctor yesterday. I will wait for a callback and get some blood work done for my testosterone, etc. I’m also requesting to talk to a nutritionist. I’m stopping my DAA and Erase supplements after over three weeks. It suppose to work in 12 days. I feel like shit on it. Going to get my money back. other supplements worked better.

That was great insight on the type “A” personality. thanks.

Less abs, more shoulders. Unless great abs is the goal.

hel320 - I cannot do shoulders after doing squats, deadlifts, lat pull downs and dumbbell bench press since the deadlifts and bench press work my shoulders. Yesterday, I did just deadlifts, squats and lat pull downs. I will work my shoulders on a different day.

Tomorrow I will do a 5x5 workout with just bench press and overhead shoulder press. I’m think two days from that workout do just clean and presses, than cheating standing overhead barbell shoulder presses where I cheat a little with using my legs to get the barbell up with heavier weight.

Feeling f–king great with no coffee and natural test supplements in my body!!! Just preworkout supplement and a protein shake once in a while. Life is good.