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40 Years, Need Advice


Hey everyone. Thank you for the latest replies. I was typically getting emails with each reply, but for some reason I did not get these. So I apologize for the timing and getting back.

So, I took the advice of getting rid of Winstrol. I have been off for 2+ weeks now, And only doing the SUS 250 Route.

As mentioned before, especially at my age now, I have been very honest with my Doctor, and he has agreed to monitor me over the course of my transition. I had a good sitdown meeting with him yesterday, and he gave very positive responses in regards to what I am taking. He had said that it was unfortunate that this particular option was not available in the United States. He had mentioned a comparable route, which I believe was the cypionate. But he then mentioned at moderate dosage, I would be much happier with my choice of SUS.

All of that said, below are my latest Lab Tests (Lipids, blood sugar, and Test level). My last Pin was Wednesday morning, and my testing was taken on Friday.

For a quick recap, I am pinning 1ml of SUS 250 (250mg), every 3.5 days. By the way, I have read over many Inquiries over Eminence labs, which sells Sust at a very reasonable price. As my labs will show and personally giving my opinion, they are awesome. I was skeptical at first, due to the coloring. Rather than the fog Yellow look, the Eminence is nearly water clear. But I assure you, I feel great. Prior to my cycle, my test level was at 621. Below are my results after 48 hours in my system.

With the current results, my doctor has stated that there is no reason to stop at this point. He has no concerns, which is awesome to hear.