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40 Years, Need Advice

Ok guys, I’ve been out of touch for a while with gear, and have just recently purchased Sus & Winstrol.

Although not a complete noob, ive been away for 10+ years, and need advise on the older physique. First, below are my stats

Age: 40
Weight: 240
Height 6ft
Body fat : unknown, but somewhat fit.
Lab work: all good
Testosterone results: 641

Ok, with all that out of the way, I had a few questions.

I was never fully a regular in the gear (4 cycles in life history), last being 2008.

Out of the 4, I had 2 cycles of Deca, and 2 cycles of Sust.
I have chosen Sust once again, due to how my body felt. However, I was originally at 2 ML’s per week, spaced at 3.5 days apart. Over the 6 week cycle, I had mass gains, and strength was incredible.

That brings me to today, with a different mindset, and goals. I am not looking for the insanely built muscle bound person I had attempted before. I just want the drive to keep up with my 3 year old little girl throughout the days off of work, and tone up my body, hoping to feel young for a bit longer.

I wanted to present this idea, hoping for some feedback.

I was thinking of 1 ML of Sust each week (every Tuesday), and Winstrol Oral 50mg, every other day. Winstrol is a new one for me, but have been told it will help with cutting (assuming I am maintaining Calories for a cut cycle).

I do have them in hand, and would like to stick with my choices, so at this time, please keep the advice on the Gear on hand. Any stacking methods, or advice to stick with one or the other, etc. Would be very appreciated.
I know many advise 2 ML spaced each week, but also know Sust is administered on average every 3 weeks by medical doctors, and has a great Half-Life. Again, I am not looking to be a tank. I just need a little oomph, and would like to relive a few youthful years, before throwing in the towel, and getting beat down by father time.
Also, can Sust in low doses be taken continuisly, or do I need a break after 12 to 16 weeks?

Last, I have ordered PCT (Arimidrol). This one is a new one for me, as I have never done this part after previous cycles (I know now, Very stupid).

Along with the above, can you please throw in advice for PCT timing?
Thanks everyone, and I look forward to hearing back.


You’re lucky to have dabble in the sauce and still have good test levels. Are you sure you don’t want to play it safe now? Not sure how to advise on your Sus as you didn’t specify the dosage just the volume. If you do some reading most would not recommend going below 500mg/wk. Lower than that and you are crashing your HPTA for mild results.

You do need a break after each cycle so that your HPTA can recover. Your other option is to go TRT for life. Assuming your SHBG is normal, you have good test levels so I would try to let your HPTA recover. Actually, as I stated, I wouldn’t start to begin with. Why not try building your base again naturally, getting down to a good weight, and then reconsider when you’re naturally peaked?

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If you’re taking winstrol then don’t expect to keep up with your 3 year old for very long. Your joints are going to feel like they’re filled with sand by week three.

So if using it you need to make sure not to get too far out there on your lifts. You’re going to feel stronger. A lot stronger. Resist the temptation to go for new PRs or ego lifts. It’s unbelievably easy to get injured on winstrol if you’re not careful.

PCT is one or two SERMs. The stuff you have is absolutely not sufficient. It’s some herbs. You need a real PCT or else Father Time will come knocking sooner than you expected.

Proper PCT would be Nolvadex for four weeks, taken at the following mgs: 40/40/20/20


Clomid 50/50/25/25



I’m generally a “less is more” guy, so I’d say one by itself will be enough. But do some research on that topic and see what the wisdom of crowds says.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. As far as dosage, My thought was 250mg of Sustanon weekly. My only worry at 500, is my body responded very well with it previously (strength and mass size). I am good at my current size, so my thought was more or less getting a slight kick/motivation I had felt when previously on them. I had always been an active person (boxing, conditioning, weights), but have noticed a huge decline over the last 3 years. Sounds kind of stupid, but keeping up with my 3 year old - is beginning to be tougher than a boxing fight in my glory days.

As far as my weight, I am a naturally large guy. Five years ago I had trained for a marathon, and dropped to 220, which was very thin for my frame. But at that time, I had no problem running the 26 miles. As far as previously, I would compete in Boxing, with a solid weight of 235. I am not Brock Lesner by any means, but I am no where near ever hitting the low 200s, or high 190s.

I know it sounds like a cheap way out, but with recent testing, I figured low T was my issue. I literally want to crash around 3 PM each day. I was shocked to see the results being in the 600+ range.

I just remember the feeling of previous use, and hoping to get it back. My baby girl only grows up once, and I want to have the energy/strength to keep up and enjoy every moment she wants me around.

My younger days, I was a training junky, and had full energy throughout the day. I desperately want that oomph back, and motivational drive into the gym. In the past when getting out of shape, the SUS was a great help (could have been a mind thing, but worked great).

Thank you very much for the PCT recommendations. That is an important step that I had sadly ignored in the past. Being older, I tend to research things much more than previous

In that regard, that was the thought on Winstrol. I have heard it is a excellent cutting gear, and with my previous SUS experience, I bulked up drastically at 500mg a week by itself. As stated above, I have read many who have recommended 500 mg per week. But reading the usage under care, had explained 250mg per 3 weeks (TRT treatment). So with that, my mind was telling me once a week, may be OK. But I could not find anything definitive.

You have been hit with some feedback. I am going to comment on the stated plan and efficiency or issues with it.
First oral winstrol has a half life of 9 hours give or take. My thought process on winstrol is if we can take 50 mgs EOD of injectable and it has a 24 hour half life then roughly you are using about 25 mgs a day once we build up a couple of days. So if oral has a half life of 9 hours then I would go 25 mgs a day of oral, it’s not the same as injectable but I did this my first couple of times with winny and had enough hardening to feel ok with my dosage choice. (Mild dosage to check my tolerance). So again instead of oral 50 mgs EOD I would go 25 mgs every day. Since it’s your first time with it then you should have decent results since your body is not use to it yet.

Second when I read “arimidrol” I figured UGL arimidex. Iron has already commented on herbal efficiency. Since you will most like (hopefully) be ordering some Nolvadex or clomid then look into getting some AIs with it. The main three are arimidex aromasin and femara. Femara is heavy duty and a no need for your situation. The other two are good for you. What an AI or aromatase inhibitor does is; when our bodies have too much testosterone in them our bodies sense it and try to lower it by producing aromatase enzyme. That enzyme breaks testosterone down into estrogen. That estrogen can cause bloating, high blood pressure and gyno (bitch tits). Now at your dosage of what I assume is 250mgs a week you should be okay and not be in dire need of an AI but that is the case for the majority of us. You are older so your body is more efficient at aromatizing testosterone. Also you might be a over responder to estrogen now that you are older. Just play it safe and order some AI with your Nolvadex or clomid. That way you have it if you need it. Plus with the vagueness of your post I am not sure how long you plan to run 250 mgs a week. The longer you run it the higher the estrogen will build up. (To a point)

When it comes time to PCT remember that sust has either deconate or undeconate testosterone in it. Their half life is like 14.5 and 16 days I think. You will need to wait AT LEAST 2 weeks after last shot if not more to start PCT, really it should be three weeks then start.

Otherwise your dose of 250 mgs a week is really just a high TRT level but you being 40 there is a good chance that the stated dose will make you feel a whole lot better. With that better energy you will be able to put more into the gym and there is where your results come from. I know plenty of guys who’s first cycle was a single bottle of test enanthate 250 for ten weeks and they achieved wonderful results. This isn’t your first but with your amount of time off you just might respond like it is.


Whatever dose you choose you should really split it up and do two pins a week. Because part of sustanon is comprised of two shorter esters you’ll be running a little low by the end of the week. Split dosages will be more effective. But yes, you could get away with once a week and not have any real issues.


Sustanon is a combination of short and long acting esters, while one shot e7d will work, if you want stable levels, due to the propionate ester ED or EOD injections of the stuff fits best, however e7d will work and is less complicated. When I took sustanon 1-2 days after injection my testosterone levels were 1500mg/DL (propionate ester peaks very quickly) and by day 6 they were only 500ng/DL, you may not have such wild fluctuations in hormone levels but keep in mind fluctuations in hormone levels can cause extra unwanted side effects. Shots of sustanon e3w is super outdated and an ineffective method of TRT however I’m not going to go into this as testosterone replacement isn’t the primary goal here.

As for pct go for nolvadex. Clomiphene is made up of two isomers (different drugs) enclomiphene is the isomer of clomiphene that attaches to various sites sensitive to the effects of estrogen and has pro gonadotropin secreting properties. Clomiphenes other isomer, zuclomiphene actually has estrogenic activity and is antigonadotrophic, it binds to certain receptors in the brain as well and behaves like estrogen and thus can cause some nasty side effects. Clomiphene has also rarely been associated with ocular nerve damage, go with nolva.

I should mention winstrol is notoriously harsh on the lipids, some people take more of a hit than others however I don’t believe any other anabolic steroid has as dramatic an effect on cholesterol as stanozolol does (other than like… Methyldrostanolone (superdrol) or methyldihydroboldenone (M1T).

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Thank all of you guys very much for the feedback. I really appreciate the time each of you have taken to address my questions in detail.

Based off of what I have learned from each of your comments, here is my new thought/plan. This is in consideration of the latest comment, regarding test levels observed by DAY 6. That portion was a real eye-opener. I knew that there would be fluctuation, but I did not know that much.

Please let me know if there is something I misunderstood, or should do differently.

Sustanon 250 (1ML every 5th day).
Winstrol oral (25mg every day). I have 50s on hand, so I will just cut in half.

Begin Clomid 2 to 3 weeks after SUST cycle end.

With the above, assuming it would be sufficient, should I stop the Winnie portion between week 6 and week 8?

Also with Sust, can I continue using during off cycle, at half the dose for the recommended break. Or should I cut all ties to give my body time to bounce back?

Again, thank you so much.

Typo. I meant to say I would begin Nolva after 2-3 weeks of use. Taking in all of the feedback, I had to reread the recommendations.

Push the Nolva back to at least three weeks from your last sust injection. That test d has a 15 day half life.

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Ok will do. I will be starting up tomorrow. I will keep updates posted. Thanks everyone again for all of your feedback.

Hi everyone. Just wanted to give an update, and post pictures of progress.

After trying the once a week method, I quickly realized it would not be enough.
The one thing I did do, in addition to the recommended, I had elected to take Winstrol at the start of my cycle. I began with 25 mg per day, for the first five days. Since then, I have been at 50 mg per day. With the sustanon 250, I am taking 1 mL every third, then fourth day of the week.

All of this said, I can definitely feel the difference, when comparing to using years ago. Although I do feel much better, and do have the drive, The magnitude of that drive is much less. When younger, pinning felt like a rush, Almost to comparing to scoring the game winner, and feeling that uncontrollable adrenaline. Nowadays, I feel motivated to Accomplish my goals, I do keep up with my youngest, and I do feel much better day to day. With that, I wish this could be taken year round, without a break.

That does bring up one question. Would it be possible to take continuously, if I were to cut my Sustanon Down in half Between cycles, stay off of Winstrol, While taking my PCT?

Thank you everyone again.

Nope, test supresses cuts off the production of LH and FSH via negative feedback loop. Trying to kick-start LH and FSH production while actively driving them down to near zero won’t work. Staying on is called “cruising” or TRT if you have hypogonadism, which you clearly don’t, shutting your HTPA down permenantly isn’t a great idea. Secondly, at your starting body fat percentage what was the goal for taking winstrol? Winstrol should neeeeevvvver be taken at the body fat you were at, any possible cardiovascular damage done by the compound (look at people’s lipids on winstrol, it’s terrifying most of the time) will be greatly attentuated at a higher BF percentage. You could’ve gotten mad gains off test alone, winny is more of a cutter, an aesthetic used for polishing off an already lean physique or for an athlete to gain strength without lots of mass if they have to make a certain weight class.

Otherwise… Nice progress, you’ve lost a lot of fat around the hips, which makes you more aesthetically pleasing, you’ve added visible mass to your chest, traps #androgen receptors and arms.

Thanks for the feedback. My thoughts on the Winstrol, was with the hopes of cutting some of the fat I had, while having good gains.

Would you recommend to completely cut out the Winstrol immediately? Or should I cut it off at my planned Winnie cycle end (6 weeks)? My Test cycle is planned to continue on, reaching 16 weeks total.

If the Winnie is recommended to stop immediately, would I then want to add a bit more Sustanon 250 weekly to compensate (possibly 3ml’s, instead of 2)? As stated above, I am currently taking 250mg’s twice a week, totalling 500mg’s weekly. The Winstrol I have been taking daily (50mg’s).

I can’t give recommendations for drugs I haven’t used but if I were you I’d cut out the winny. Steroids aren’t fat burners (although some, like winny appear to directly aid in the process of lipolysis) diet will do way more than AAS ever will when it comes to cutting. If you drop the winny don’t up the test, 500mg is a lot, it’ll give you very good results provided your diet and training is on point. How’s your blood pressure and resting HR currently

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Prior to cycling, everything came back as a clean bill of health. I have an appointment on the 14th, which will tell me where everything is at currently. I have been very open with my doctor. He had recommended the appointment on the 14th, claiming it will provide enough time to give true levels of where my cycling has put my body.

So at the moment, im not too sure. I do feel 1000x’s better than previous though.

Wow, your doc agreed to moniter you? He’s a keeper for sure, if you’re getting monitering done then props to you!!! That’s one of the best things an AAS user can do.

The reason you feel better is likely due to the supraphysiologic amount of hormones you’re taking, don’t get used to the feeling tho, as it’ll go away once you come off, the sense of well-being and energy is probs from the test tho, not the winny. Staying on supraphysiologic doses of hormones long term will probably lead to detrimental myocardial remodelling, also may I ask why you put a pic of your face in your progress pictures, using steroids in America (I’m assuming your in America) is a felony (shouldn’t be, but it is), if you’re in the UK then nvm AAS use for personal reasons is legal I believe

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I just skimmed through so apologies if I glossed over any changes/details. With the sust, 250 mg per week will help with what you’re looking for, but I’d personally bump it to 375 and pin mon-wed-fri to take better advantage of the shorter esters in there, maintain some more stable levels, and get a little more bang for your buck. Winstrol at our age, no thanks, Imho I’d ditch it completely and just run the test. You can accomplish what you’re looking to do with just that.

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The best drug for cutting is already in your possession. It’s the one square foot of real estate on the top of your shoulders. Make good dietary choices for a while and you’ll be blown away by how well you can cut fat. The test you’re on will be enough to help maintain most of your muscle while you’re in a calorie deficit.