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40 Year Old 1st Cycle

Im 40 years old and I want to do my first cycle of Test and Winstrol. I have been training for over 4 years after 12 off. Can you recommend the best cycle?

Read the stiickies. For the love of God.

[quote]veraforza17 wrote:
Read the stiickies. For the love of God.[/quote]

This ^ And… 400-500mgs of Test Enanthate or Cyp for 10 weeks. @ 40 I would suggest leaving the winny out,joint problems and prostate issues from the DHT. Read the post cycle therapy stickies.
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40 year olds, generally, shouldnt be cycling. Cycling implies recovery. It’s a fairly substantial assumption to think youll fully recover at 40 years old.

Youd likely be better off looking into TRT and then running some 6-8 week “blasts” periodically.

Check out the TRT forum here.

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