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40 Year Birthday Challenge

So I will turn 40 in August and I am looking for a fun workout challenge to do. The past couple of years I have been flipping a 500lb tire on my Birthday for reps equaling my age. I figure I will of course flip it 40 times this year; however I would like to add to it.

The following are some ideas I have been bouncing around as a workout:
BW bench press x 40 reps
BW Dead lift x 40 reps
BW Squat x 40 reps
BW Pullups x 40 reps
BW Handstand Push-ups x 40 reps

I have also figured maybe trying to just get 40 reps with a heavier weight but not all in one set for a challenge ( I.E. Dead lift 405 x 40 in as few sets as possible). I have some time since my Birthday is in August, though I figured if I plan it now it would give me some time to work towards it if it is a significant goal.
What do you all think? Any ideas?

I’m doing something similar for my 44th.

Right now I’m torn between…44,000 calories in one day or 44 hours of sleep.

Search Valeria (Tim Henriques) and Manntathlon (Martin Rooney) on this site. They’re both “challenge” articles; just change the rep scheme.

Manntathlon is just upper body, but Rooney says there’ll be a lower body article to follow, so should be done before August.