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40 Yard Dash?


Does anyone have any tips for increasing your 40 time? Because I ran a 5.8 the other day and this is not acceptable. I wanna shave it down to around a 5.3. Anyone on here know any good ways to fix that?


I have had good results with Fichter/Korfist Training. Check: Wannagetfast.com for where to buy the DVD. There is a kid I am working with now who was about where you are last fall. He ran a 5.1 recently.



post a video of you running if possible. assuming your technique is poor, you could easily cut down to a 5.3 if you fixed some major problems. if your technique is great, than you have less room to improve so you can see the importance of the video in order to give proper feedback.


Do a search on the subject. This topic has been beaten to death on the site. Xen Nova had a great thread devoted to this very subject. Start with that.


how is your strength and power? ie back squat, front squat, power clean, power snatch, vertical jump, standing long jump?

even without great technique in sprinting good power athletes can put up good times.

and yes better technique will bring the time down even farther.


Check out Joe DeFranco's stuff.


At a 5.8, the best thing for you right now is probably to lose some weight. I don't know many kids running a 5.8 who aren't carrying around a lot of extra fat. Unless of course you are a lineman, then I guess you need that weight.


The best thing I ever found to help my 40 time was Olympic lifting. Work on developing your fast twitch muscle fibers. If you are carrying extra weight, then that is one of the biggest problems. It is also a good idea to develop your hip flexors.

I used to run a 4.9 at 6' 225. Technique is also key, find some videos or someone qualified to work on your technique. I knew some pretty large guys that could hit a 5.2/5.4, so I am willing to bet you have technique issues.

Someone said a video of you running would be good, they are absolutely right.


What was the thread name? I searched Xen Nova's stuff a little bit and couldn't find it.


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I never looked around for 40 advice.I probably should have.I mostly used T-Nation for strength and size advice.


Losing weight, getting stronger, strengthen your posterior chain. All this is good advice but not good enough. You have obviously been lifting and eating to get from 185 to where you are now. Probably Squats, Benches, maybe some Deads maybe some powercleans. Has this made you faster?

You need specialized training. Focus on one of the gurus. Korfist/Fichter have worked great for me. I have also implemented Baggett and had fair results with the kids I train but not as good as Korfist/Fichter. I've never tried the sparq training but that may be good.

Talk to people who have done it. If they have gotten faster then do it. If not then you are wasting your time. Time is something you don't have much of seeing how you have roughly 3 months till Football starts and they test you again.


Thanks for all the information guys.Most of you guessed right I am carrying some extra weight but whoever said I was an offensive lineman was also right.I'm 5'8" and between 225-235 depending on what I eat during the week.My goal this summer is to maintain as much body weight as possible while conditioning and dropping fat and increasing speed.

I used to play at 185 with low body fat and the bigger DTs were too much of a bitch to block.So I decided to build up a thicker,stronger body to compensate for short arms and a short body.

I started doing "real" squats all the way to parallel with a max of 255 about a year ago and now squat 370.My power clean is 225.Strength hasn't been ever been a problem for me but speed has.The guys from SPARQ came to my school the other day and I beat everyone on the team in the bench press but was one of the lower 40's.I really want to be the total package.

This summer I'll be doing alot of jogging and sprinting,plyometrics, weightlifting,pretty much everything.I'm trying to drop body fat while maintaining as much of my weight as possible.Better conditioning and better speed are also goals.Once again thanks for your help.


Get your squat, deadlift and powerclean up. technique helps, and so does power so work on both of those areas. at 235 i wouldnt worry about weight so much.


SPARQ isn't really a training program.It's this thing NIKE does where they have guys travle the nation and they test a high school's athletes on their 40,how many reps they can bench 185,their shuttle,and their vertical jump.they give you a score based on it and colleges may or may not notice you because of a good score.

And yeah I'm not worried too much on weight now as much as being able to use it.I actually got this big by doing squats,deads,cleans,and bench nonstop.Guys in the gym used to make fun of me for doing 6 or 7 sets of squats and then turn around and ask how i gained so much weight.


this is a picture from last year's football season


This is me at about 223 pounds


The PC is lagging behind your parallel squat. This would indicate lack of power/ speed.

Being heavier will be a b!tch to run fast over 40yrds. Dropping some fat will instantly help you.

Do you have an athletics team near you? I would speak to the sprint coaches. THIS will give you instant feedback on your running technique and you will get SOLID GAINS.



I'm ON a football team.I'm 16 and I have only been full power cleaning for about half of a year.Before that I would hang clean and could do about 265.

I actually shifted focus from power clean to squat the other night by doing clean&jerks with 185.I know that's not much but it's a good starting point.More than most of my teammates do(they prefer just not powerlceaning at all)


Olympic lifts are good for increasing your sprint speed but you shouldn't be doing them more than once a week in my opinion unless you're an Olympic lifter...and you're a football player.

Lunges will also help you build speed as will box squats.

I wouldn't do sled pulling at this stage in the game. Getting down your running technique is the most important thing. That will require some actual coaching.