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40 Y/O Wanting to Put on Size



I am a 42 year old male who has done pretty well in the growth department but need some advice. I have access to a few different things and my doctor already has me on a regiment of Enthanate and Decca which are from the pharmacy. In the past I have used sustanon and equipoise and have had good results and have done two different cycles of HGH.

So my delimma I am going on a cruise in February I am 5'11 238 34" waist about a 48-49" chest. I would love the waist to get a bit trimmer and the chest and legs and butt bigger. I know I know allot to ask so sorry if this sounds insane.

I have access to Sustanon, Decca, Tren (but usually don't take as it makes me edgy) HCH and IVF 1 and Insulin, Test Enthante.

Someone recommended the following:
First Two Months
4-6IU HGH per day
Trenbolone 500 mg per week - as i mentioned I get irritable on this any suggested substitutes?

Third Month
4-6 IU per day of HGH
Masterone 500 MG per week
Winstrol 350 MG per week

Fifth MOnth
25-75 mcg of T3 per day

Any suggestions from anyone Technically the cruise is Feb 5 so any help would be great


^is this a troll?

who the crap would suggest combining masteron and winny by themselves? and T3 by itself?