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40 Y/O Male First Cycle Advice


I’m a 40 year old male in pretty good shape. Eat clean, workout daily and just looking to add size and definition for a good foundation to build from. I’m in good shape however quite small and have trouble putting on quality size.

Was thinking of the following and could use some feedback on the effectiveness, recovery and any other concerns I should be aware of. Thanks in advance for any help.

Length 10 weeks
Weeks 1-4 GP Methan10 40 mg per day
Weeks 1-10 500mg GP Test Cyp per week
Weeks 1-10 GP Anastrozole .5 mg per day (continue to run this for 10 days after cycle)

PCT stack:

Weeks 1-4- 40 mg GP Nolva per day
Weeks 1-4 100mg GP Clomiphene per day
Weeks 1-5 1mg GP Anastrozole per day
Week 1- 4,500 iu HCG
Week 2- 3,000 iu HCG
Week 3- 1,500 iu HCG


if you’re 40 YO, i’d get bloodwork and see where your natural testosterone levels are at. you might be getting to the point where post cycle is not that effective and looking at blasting and cruising or TRT instead…

a couple other notes:

-don’t use HCG in PCT. use it on cycle.
-don’t stack SERMs or use high doses like that… pick one or the other.
-i’d lower the anastrozole dose to something like .25 mg EOD, unless you know you have E2 issues already…


I had my blood work done and I was at 602. Not sure how good that is.

So do the hcd during the cycle and pct or just cycle? Does everything else look ok with the pct to get me back on track after?

I’m abou 5’10 / 176 with barely any muscle. Will this cycle work me into a good foundation to build from in your opinion?


Your t levels are decent for a 40 year old guy.

You can use hCG during the cycle if you are worried about your fertility or testes shrinkage, otherwise it’s optional. Consider cycobushmaster’s suggestions, and read stickies, you’ll be good to go. Start here


Please see links in 2nd post of first topic in forum.
And for sure: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong

Do same in T replacement forum.


Thanks for the response.

I’ve been researching this site for a good first cycle and I’m getting close however see a huge conflict in terms of HCG usage. Below is a first cycle that was recommended on this forum however I’ve read in other posts that HCG should be a part of any cycle 12 weeks or longer which is absent from this cycle.

Specifically I read that for best results to implement HCG in the last week of the cycle and running for three weeks, then after HCG run clomid/adex for two to three weeks.

W 1-12 Test C 500mg/week
W 1 adex .25mg/daily
W 2-12 adex .25mg/EOD


W 13 adex .25mg/EOD Clomid 200mg/daily
W 14 adex .25mg/ETD Clomid 150mg/daily
W 15 Clomid 100mg/daily
W 16 Clomid 50mg/daily


I think you’re referring to the protocol when hCG is not used during the cycle, a high dose hCG jolt is used at the end of cycle to kick start testes followed by PCT. But the better approach is to keep the testes stimulated during the cycle with hCG.
250 iu hCG eod is the replacement dose for the lost LH during the testosterone therapy, it should be used from the start of the cycle and followed till end. As soon as you finish the cycle start the PCT, no need to take 1-2 week break for the test to wash out as the half life of hCG is only 24-36 hours and nolva is pretty cheap.

Your PCT is pretty outdated too. It appears you haven’t read stickies yet, please do so. Reading so much may appear clumsy but it’ll keep you educated enough to stay healthy long-term and avoid any misconceptions.


I’ve been reading quite a bit on the forums however there seems to still be quite a bit of conflicting info. I’m not sure I know where to find the stickies? I have no problems fishing myself however I’m not sure which posts I should follow.

I found this post?

Long Cycles
(4 months or more)

For a long cycle of 12 weeks or more your post cycle recovery plan should first start out with HCG. Your HCG therapy should begin during the last week of your cycle before you come off. Also, needless to say during this time you should be using an anti-estrogen to combat estrogenic side effects. HCG should be administered in four shots starting the last week of your cycle continued on to the two weeks following.

So your post cycle HCG should look like this: 3000 IU on day one, another 3000 IU 5 days later, 1500 IU 5 days later, and following up with another 1500 IU 5-7 days after that, equaling out to three weeks total.

After finishing the HCG therapy Clomid should be administered along with the anti-estrogen for two to three weeks after the HCG making your post cycle therapy a total of four to five weeks. For the Clomid therapy I believe that 100mg ED for the two to three weeks should be sufficient, although if you want you could use one of the protocols listed in the moderate length cycle section.