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40-Something Looking for Advice on Areas to Focus On


Age: early-to-mid 40’s
Size: 5’9", 170 lbs
Background: Never trained or dieted really for aesthetics, and have focused on sports and probably 80% BW training over the last 25+ years. Last couple of years have tried some barbell-based, progressive programs from this site and others. Can BP 275, DL 385, but think I could go higher with more training. Also, my favorites are weighted pull ups, muscle ups, and easier OL variations (hang and power versions only).

Question: what sticks out as areas I should focus on? What’s lagging? I’m not looking at gaining a lot of weight and bulk at my age, but to get leaner, more athletic, and more balanced. How should I be training to get there? I don’t have legs pics, but those have always been my most muscular feature and I’m not looking to get bigger in that area.


You got most guys 30 plus beat, with your build.if you were to replace 10 pounds of fat with 10 pound muscle , you would look , athletic