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40, On TRT for Many Years, Insurance Gone

Hi guys, My med insurance has (for the time being) gone tits up!
This means that my Androderm patches will now cost me $$521.00 per month!!!


What ideas do you have?

I am open to new products, I have been on TRT from when I was 30 (and may have needed it years before) I am 40 now and im “trying” to train again after falling off the wagon for 10 years (lame I know).

There MUST be other alternatives out there…

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

If paying out of pocket, injecting testosterone is the least cost.

I get 10ml of test cypionate [Watson’s] at Sam’s Club with a business membership. That is 200mg/ml. At 100mg/week, that is twenty weeks. Needles are cheap. Costco did have similar cost structures once - no special membership needed. Test cyp [Same brand etc] at a typical pharmacy will be $100 - $110.

Self injections are not bad, so many do it, you have no excuse.

Are you tested for estrogen or treated to control your estrogen levels. This has huge importance. If you have not been controlling your E2 levels, your TRT benefits could be vastly improved.

Post your most recent lab numbers and ranges.

With injected T, there is no doubt about what T is in your system. With transdermals, the results are not predictable.

You can get blood work done by LEF.org - see if your doctor has an issue with that. Doctors, clinic and hospitals can easily charge 2 or 2 3 times more. LEF.org has a blood work sale for members in April and May, extended to June 9th this year. All the testing that you need for $198. And you can order more than one test at those prices for work up to 6 months out. If you go past 6 months, call and they will renew it for you.

Small business or self employed; get a high deductibility insurance and add an HSA to pay for med things with income tax free dollars.

I assume that you are not using hCG, there would be no point starting it now.

Thanks KSman, do you think I should be concerned about my Estrogen while on the patches?

If yes, what should I be using to keep it down?

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[quote]Steve8867 wrote:
Thanks KSman, do you think I should be concerned about my Estrogen while on the patches?

If yes, what should I be using to keep it down?

Patches deliver E via a small area of skin. The aromatase in that area of the skin/s fat layer can only do so much. This can be better than gels applied to large areas.

You may have estrogen symptoms, like fat gain, mood, low libido, energy. You need E2 blood work. If you took some l-dex, the truth would be revealed… Not statistics, but your own personal experience. If you get your doc testing E2, he would see the action of adex.

If your doc scripts adex, then you can file that script at home and use the prescribe amount of adex. Many are force into self-medication to feel well and to be healthy. You need to get those scripts routinely and file them, to protect your doctor and yourself.

Ok KS thanks you.