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40 Next Year Cripes!!


Been away for awhile,(was living in a bottle)so decided to clean up my act.Off the piss,training hard,eating well.3-4weight sessions a week,plenty of off road kms on the bike,am getting my fitness back pretty quickly,though damn if it doesnt get harder after 35!


40 ain’t old! Not sure why people think it is.


Read stickies…


ok 180cms,88kgs as of this afternoon.B/P split,chest/arms,legs,back delts. 1on 1 off usually.
dont do singles,but am training pretty quickly at the minute.basics mostly free weights but i really like the plate loaded hammer strength.tonight hammer pulldowns 130 kgs for 8 reps,seated hammer row 160kg for 9.hammer shoulder press 100kg 7,db seated press 35 kgs for 6,drop set 25kg, 10,20kgs. for 15. 1arm db row 45kg for 8.usually do chins,15 reps is about the most i can manage wide grip but thats all the way down with a pause.i deadlift 150kg for about 4,not great compared to many but its all i can manage to hang on to.(cant use wrist straps as have a ganglia on my wrist tendon.)bench is crap,110 for 5 reps,strange but i can incline db 50 kg db’s but only 110 on the flat bench,wierd i know.

legs squat up to 150 kg parallel,but have knee issues from snow boarding so am using step ups and pre exhausting with extensions at the moment.do calves twice aweek,seated toe press going up to 300kgs,sets of 15 to 20reps.diet is pretty good,but im a chef so i probably consume more than i estimate just tasting things.anything else just ask if any one gives a rats…


ok.3way split,chest/arms,legs,back and delts.mostly free weights,really like the hammer strength machines. diet is pretty good,high protein,probably taking in more calories than i estimate as being a chef i sample loads of things through the day.stick to the basics,dont do singles,5 reps is as low as i go as a rule.


oops sorry for the almost repeat didnt think that the front pic loaded!?!


40… not old!

Look good though. You look like you had a slender frame as a kid.


youve got a very good lat spread there.


[quote]paleotool wrote:
40… not old!

Look good though. You look like you had a slender frame as a kid.[/quote]

thanks for the compliment.yes,i had legs like chopsticks till i was 18.im very light framed,my ankles are just 9inch circumference and my wrists alittle over 6inchs.On top of that i have stumpy little fingers,some of the bigger dumbells in the gym i cant even reach around!!i will never be huge ,but personally i prefer the frank zane style asthetic.on the upside,my calves upper arms and neck are almost identical in size.(according to davinci thats a good thing)