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40 Just Started Trt


Hey guys I have been reading and learning a lot from this site. The first thing I noticed was the amount of knowledge here. I would like to post my data and get some opinions on what I am doing and possibly a feel for the doc I am using.

1st visit = vitals , questions , blood work , etc. I informed him that I was having low libido, mild ed, tired, overweight, no motivation. His response = You're 40, 6'-1", 235, 32% bmi, probably cholesterol issues, low T I'm sure(awaiting labs). He says here's what we need to do before you have a heart attack and die in my office. I'll put you on phentermine 38mg per day to help you lose weight, letrozole 1mg every other day as an E-blocker, we will start you on hcg .2ml per day to try and get your testes working again, and b12 inj 1ml every 3 days to get your energy up. When your labs come back you will probably start TRT.

2nd visit = labs are back. totalT=317, freeT=62, total cholesterol=219, hdl cholesterol=32, triglycerides=510, glucose=108, ferritin=463. At this point its been 3 weeks, I'm feeling good, lost 14 lbs, and thinking he is going to take me off of some of this stuff and start me on test. Nope. He says donate blood to get ferritin levels down, keep taking everything(same doses), and start 75mg inj of test every 6 days. Come back in 6 weeks for lab re-evaluations. I've just taken my 3rd test shot and I feel good but not any better than the initial lift from every thing else that he put me on to begin with. Been six weeks since initial visit dropped a total of 21 lbs now. No increased libido yet. I have noticed my sack is going quick. Maybe improved results with time or dose increases if my level is still low. I don't know what to expect with any of this so all responses are welcome and would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I really could use some advice . Anyone? Positive? Negative? Don't matter.


It takes a little while to feel the positive effects of TRT. About week 5 for me. I am on 200mg a week of Test C that is split up of two pins a week (100mg each). This will help keep the testosterone levels more consistent. I also take anastrozole .5 twice a week for my E2. I take HCG mixed with B12 at 250mg twice a week as well. The HCG should be helping out your sack.

Some of your DR's protocols are a little odd, but it is a start. A lot better than the Doc I originally started with.


I read your original post and didn't see a question in there. Ask one and I would be more then happy to put my 2 cents in. Heck, ask 2 or more, answers are cheap around here.


Thanks for the responses. I guess you are right I didn't ask direct questions , I am new to the forum posting as well as TRT. What I was hoping was that after reading my post someone or multiple people would say ," Hey its evident that you dont know squat about TRT and Ive been down that road before or am very knowledgeable on the subject so let me help ya out a little , and the flood gates would open with opinions such as Your doc does or does not sound credible, I do or do not think you should have been started on TRT according to the info in your post.

Hell I figured at the least someone would make fun of my shrinking sack (LOL). I guess Im just looking for some reassurance from someone knowledgeable on the subject that Im not making a mistake based on what they've read in the post. If I have to pick a specific question I guess its gonna be : Does everyone agree with the doctors diagnosis and the combination and doses of the meds that I have been prescribed up until this point? And of course why or why not. What I really need is 2 books. "TRT for dummies". and "Whether or not to run from your TRT doc".


The amount of T you are taking wont bring your total T number much higher then 450 or so . You will loose you natural production of T and probably won't feel much better than the start . Unless the dr will agree to get you into 700s or more I would not bother with TRT with your natural level


I think most are pretty nice dudes here. If you want a beatdown, post in the "Off Topic Steroid" forum.

Yes, most guys agree with their Doctors until they do their research. It sucks when your talking to your Doctor and you are the smartest guy in the room.

Personally, I think if you get your "T" above the 400 mark, you will feel better; other factors can be discussed later. Get it up to 800 with an AI and you will feel 25 y.o. again.


Thanks for your responses, every one helps!


i have been on trt for 5 months also. i am on 150mg of cyp a week. when i started my total test was 198 and i am 34. the dr said this was for sure my issue. never had any sexual issues but my energy was trash and had no motivation. so my average test now is 850 or above and still feel like trash all the time. the trt only seemed to help my labs out but that is it. the downside well i have horrible acne like i am 14.

i eat like a mule and my libedo is out of control. also my sack shrunk and the dr wont do anything to help. i tried to get off of the test and that was horrible cause when i dont take it now i feel like exploding and have a terrible attitude. i was fine before ever taking it and now i dont do well when not on it. i went off for a month and my wife said i was a real ass when i was off. so friend make sure it is right for you before being on it for very long. just my advice i am no professional i just submitted a new post called trt bloodwork help. check it out and you will see my labs. hell you may see something i dont and may be able to help me.

thank you friend and good luck