40 Is Better Than 20


bonus workout

Incline walk 20’

A1 seated db press
A2 lateral raise
Did 3 sets with 15s and 7,5s

B1 close grip BP
B2 triceps db extension
Did 4 sets with 40 kg and 7,5s

C db curls mech drop set (probated grip, supinated, neutral), did 3 sets with 10s

D ez bar curls mech drop set, 3 sets

E cable flies did 4 sets

Incline walk 20’

Took the session from a CT post here on the forum, loved the pump feeling.

Will be another weekend of eating probably a bit out of control, I have plenty of time to lean out.

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Wu incline walk and mobility
3x5 box jumps

Ssb squat 5x82,5 3x92,5 5x105 15x82,5

Bench press 5x65 3x72,5 6x80 10/5/4x65

Pullups 12/6/4x bw

Ez bar triceps extension 36/13/10x15


I went into the session after 3 days of extremely bad food and drinking choices, and poor sleep. I didn’t feel like working out today but I pushed myself.

But yes, not the best session of my life but not the worst neither. I really wanted to get 20 squats on the FSL set and a better performance on the bench but after all these are good PR.

I will probably keep the same TM during the next 3 weeks trying to beat my rep count.



10’ incline walk
20’ run/jog
row, 6x500 with 1’ rest (average 2’02’‘)
15’ walk



incline walk, mobility, box jumps

Deadlift 5x102,5, 3x115, 6x127,5 11x102,5
Press 5x35 3x42.5, 7x47, 11/5/5x35
Krock Rows 20+20x30kg
Ez bar biceps curl 15/10/8x20kg




Easy run/jog 6,38 km @6.52 min/km (43’49’’)

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bonus workout

15’ incline walk

smith machine high incline press
db lateral raise
cable cross flies
straight arm pulldown
triceps extensions
cable curls
posterior delt raise
leg extension
leg curl

15’ incline walk

just a list of exercises, 1 or 2 sets to failure each.




45’ incline walk
15’ row



Incline walk 10’, mobility and 3x5 jumps

Ssb squats 5x75 5x85 10x95 22x75

Bench 5x55 5x65 10x72,5 12/6/5x55

Pullups 13/6/5xbw

Triceps ext ez bar 22/13/10x20kg




Run/jog 50’



45’ incline walk

2’ row
40 Mt Sled push



Incline walk 10’
No mobility no jumps because laziness

Deadlift 5x90 5x105 10x115 20x90

Press 5x35 5x42,5 7x47,5 12/5/4x35

Krock row 1x22/22x27,5

Ez bar curls double rest pause set with 10s dB. Didn’t log, don’t remember


A bit distracted during the session by things happening in life. I do much better when I can go to the gym early in the morning before the day starts.

Felt good at the start of the session. Deadlift much better then last month. Krock rows with lighter dB than usual because the 30s were taken. This exercise is really challenging my core. Could be good or bad.




30’ incline walk
row 15’ easy


bonus workout

db incline
db lateral raises
rear delt raises
db fly
rope triceps pd
rope straight arm pulldown
ez bar curls
leg extension
leg curl

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70’ jog, 10,1 km

Big cheat this evening pizza and cookies and chocolate!



Incline walk 10’
Box jumps 3x5

Ssb 3x80 3x90 9x100 20x80

Rdl 13/8/6x60kg

Leg extension
Leg curl


Rower, 8x30’’ max 30’’ Off, average pace 1’52’’

Major digression this week, I want to try splitting the day1 in 2, and add bodybuilding assistance.
Partially because my schedule is different now partially because I’m curious.
Its no more the original challenge, it’s a new animal, but I will try.

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Wu incline walk 10’

Incline db bench 12x25kg 10/6/4x25

Barbell bench 3x60 3x70 3x77,5 10/6/4x60

Pullups 13/6/4x bw

Ez bar triceps extension rest pause set

Lat raise machine 2 sets

Rowing machine 2 sets

Incline walk 20’

So workout on the road as I’m travelling these days. Lovely gym, only issue one bench only.

I ended up with a random upper body session “loosely” inspired by the original plan.

I will be back on track with day 2.

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End of the week



Deadlift 3x95 3x110 8x122,5 15x95

Press 5x35 5x40 6x47,5 12/6/4x35

Kroc rows 20+20x30

Ez bar curl

Added a 10 km run the day before and finished with a bodybuilding workout.
The week didn’t go as planned at all. I will just do again the workouts next week.

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Wu incline walk, jumps

Ssb squat 3x80 3x90 9x100 20x80

Bench press 3x60 3x70 6x77,5 12/6/4x60

Pullups 14/7/4xbw

Triceps Ez bar extension 19/10/6x20


Sled push/drag 15’

Some swings during the day

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20’ walk
40’ jog

on a treadmill

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A quick update here.

I have stopped logging but not training. Life has been extremely busy and I didn’t have the mental energy to keep following a fixed programme, so I am on a very unstructured plan of a full body 3 days a week (one set to failure per 5/6 exercise per session, a mix of multi joint and isolation), and 3 conditioning days.
I haven’t missed much, and the plan is sub optimal but still ok.

Diet wise, I’m on a caloric deficit most of the days, a couple of bumps on the road but I’m the lightest I have ever been. I was hoping to be a bit leaner at this time but still not too bad.

I will finish my 2023 transformation during the weekend, on holiday by Tuesday, back on track before the end of the month.

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I will be back to logging, but for now some photos for the 2023 transformation @TrainForPain

I’m currently on holiday and the photos were taken Tuesday.
I haven’t “transformed” literally, but in the process I have trained well and started eating even better on average. I lost some weight, improved a lot my fitness/conditioning. Gym hasn’t improved much but I am happy.
My weight went down considerably. I’m way lighter than I thought and probably I could be leaner than this.

I’m on holiday this week an I will ruin all the hard work.


Holiday is over!

It has been a crazy week of food and wine, it was planned so I have no bad feelings or regrets, but at this point I feel I like to be back to my normal routine, regular sports and somehow healthy eating. It was nice to have a break and now is nice to be back on track.

Training will be similar to the last few months, alternating some kind of full body routine and aerobic work (mostly running at this time of the season), with no planned rest days (so each week should be of 6 days 3 resistance based and 3 aerobic/endurance based. I will have days here and there when I cannot train, and probably some rest “blocks” depending on work/life.

For the gym days I will go with the full body 1000% awesome which I have enjoyed this winter. I will use the same weight I used in February for the first leader cycle.


Wu incline walk 10’

Ssb squat 3x5x70/80/90kg

Bench press 5x5x70kg

5x (with a weight vest)
10 dips
5 pull-ups

Posterior chain work


Some cable curls and triceps extensions

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10 km in 63’

Nice sunny day and I enjoy running. I had some unexpected pain in my calves which evolved in a big cramp around 30’ after the run. I have to keep working those calves to maintain my knees healthy, stretching and strength training.

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Wu incline walk 10’

Deadlift 3x5x90/100/110

Press 5x5x45
Ss with pull-ups 8x6x bw

Push ups 5x20/15/15/15/15
Ss with pull-ups 5x6/6/6/5/5

Lat raise, curls, triceps extension

15’ incline walk

Leg work for knee health

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