40.FT & E2 below range, SHBG above range. Feeling rough. Time for TRT?

Hello crew.

I’ve been lifting weights and working out hard pretty much non stop for 13yrs straight, and last 3 on self prescribed 250ml test-e dosage. No AI ever used. I eat good and clean most of the time with some refeeds here and there. Been so busy with real life issues, lots of stress and sleepless nights, working from 2 am till 6am, that i neglected doing bloods and all. Was off only one time a year ago and did pct for 1 month then back on till now. Recently i started getting high BP and fucking headaches that wasn’t here before, did bloods but without the free T as we dont have such test and they need to send it to another country then wait 5 weeks for it to come back. Have high Hematocrit, also high Hemoglobin and some other indicating thick blood. I pin 1 time every 7days so that is probably a bad thing to do and thinking to split into 2x125mg injections. Also will do full blood test next week including free test, e2, glubulin etc. Now also im thinking that this dose could be a little too much, but im not sure, first need bloods. I’m pretty lean less then 10% BF and sheding body fat is not an issue for me fwiw. Still i havent used any AI from day 1 so perhaps my estrogens are too high and im holding bit of water? Not sure just guessing as well. Also recently i got a heartburn, was scared and ran to cardiologist, but it looks alright. Today doing bike test and will know more. Most likely its GERD/Acid reflux and a nasty one, but need to be sure. So next week will do bloods on this same protocol 250mg test-e once a week, then will have answer in 5 weeks regarding testosterone numbers, others will have same day.

So from all this, if any senior member reading, could you guide me a little on how its best to do bloods and what kind of tests and when after the injection is the best time? Just to be sure. I appreciate every reply and opinion regarding my issue.

Thanks guys!

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How’s this permacruise approach work compared to cycling (curious), do you still notice somewhat enhanced accruations in muscle mass?

Did cardiologist give ECG or EKG?

Bloods for ref would be

chol (hdl/LDL)
Kidney function

However if you can’t afford all these the


Probs most important

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Thanks for reply mate. Pretty much not bad. Ive been maintaining and learning to shred and my body these last years while on this trt like thing. Easy to put on mass for me and thinking to start real offseason after summer if i solve my thick blood and high bp, headache issue as don’t want to drop dead or half vegetable. Ive done some bloods last month so will try to upload the results for what i have. Next week will do other tests including free test, estradiol, etc. Then will have to wait upto 5 weeks for answer. Imho i think i have too much free test but just a guess i want to split the dose in 2 injections then do bloods again after 6wks and see how it looks. Need to get my bp down or else will need to come off completely do pct and work from there. When should i do my free test / e2 test mate? I pin every 7 days so right before the injection or at 6th day post will do? That would be my question :slight_smile:

Dump some blood or lower your dose

Drop to 150 for a couple months then do bloods


Yeah was thinking the same and split into 2 weekly injections instead of one. Then if bloods dont improve will need to come off completely and do proper pct and work from there.

If you need TRT why come off? Just lower your dose and after 6-8 weeks you should be able to see if your dosage is ideal. However HCT will take longer to drop unless you go donate or dump blood. Then just monitor and see how your HCT and rbc react

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What is your BP? If you’re working nights, you’ll be screwed up, I know from experience. How is your sleep? How many hours? When do you sleep? About a million things cause heartburn, lack of sleep is one of them.

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sleep apnea can fuck blood pressure pretty hard

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Was 140/90 about month ago when visited cardio doc for first time. Yesterday went in to perform bike tests where they measured recovery and bp etc etc so was already down to 126/82 great improvement imo she was a bit surprised as well as pretty much one thing that I’ve done is ditched the cardio which i was doing too fast and making my heart race. Now i
Perform max 119bpm as she advised fwiw. I go to bed everyday 8pm and wake up 2-2.30am and start work usually feeling good and sometimes finish pretty quick in an hour or so sometimes 3-4 then go sleep so more depending what the time is as i start eating at 7-8am to get all my daily meals in till 6-7-8pm prefer finish them earlier so go to bed digested and well through with it as acid reflux suggests not going horizontal right after we eat. I sleep good wake up ready to kill but honestly sometimes got heart racing when i wake up like sleep apnea i guess. Probably need to run the sleep test as well…

Agree and I’m thinking this also might be an issue for me. Need that tested too.

For your heartburn, what is you water intake like? My doc suggested half your body weight in oz’s of water. If you weigh 250lbs, then 125 oz’s of water. Water intake should be increased depending on workout schedule also.

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Def not the case as I’m drinking not less then 4l/daily and thats a minimum. I’m shredded around 8% bf from eyeballing and workout hard for nearly half my life so gotta keep that hydration running man. Thank you for chiming in💪🏽

Have cut my usual 250mg/weekly dosage into 2 injections last week. Will be going to do bloods in 6 weeks time. Also monitoring my blood pressure and overall healthy, mood etc. Staying pretty lean easy sub 10% bf, working out like a horse 5 times/week, getting plenty of water, food, vitamins, rest (hopefully) and will see how it goes. Anyone interesting about macros I’m consuming and what regime I’m following- feel free to chime in:)


I got high BP from 125mg without AIs when I first started TRT and it took a while to dial in adex to prevent that.

I’ve been running 500mg with good bloods and normal BPfor 2ish+ years now with 25mg asin EOD or when I “feel” my estrogen creep up.

I work days and nights, though retired, and drink coffee like crazy (Monster too).

Check your E2. That was my cause (80-95 region if I recall correctly). Now I bounce from 11 to 25.

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I hear ya mate. I’ve never ran any AI at all, never felt any issues, but now the bloods will tell more. Will be checking in 6 weeks time everything including thyroid etc. Should have checked everything way earlier, but so busy that it made me stupid and now since my BP was high and HC at the higher end, with some other markers showing thick blood, I need to sort it out. Been having lots of stress for many years I can remember, and stress really jacks up the gut etc which in turn makes hell a lot of problems. I wonder what my bloods are at the moment and how E2 and other markets including thyroid look. I like coffee but only having one or two cups with milk now cuz if I drink it black like I used to back in the day I get wired as fuck for all day, and its fucking terrible:)

Only way to sort it out would probably be a double donation.

Only few clinics can take doubles (mine can’t).

And this it total broscience, but if you’re eating right and getting more than enough nutrients, the 56 day window is BS for even a single unit as I’m sure you can recover quicker than the average FDA advised 2000 calorie crap diet person can.

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Well I’ve been eating right (hopefully) for the last 14 years mate. Obsessed with nutrition, training, wellness and science. Just trying to get better, healthier and more knowledgeable. Currently eating 3000kcal/daily high carbs, medium protein, medium fats and shredding body fat. Been in a deficit for 2 months, did 2-3 weeks at maintenance and some above, now back in the deficit for 2 weeks again, just eating more carbs, and enjoying more flexible “diet” regime. Now sub 10% bf, I’d say around 8-9% eating 350g carbs daily, 80/20 clean, and loving it. Having some 200mg aspirin/daily as per cardiologist orders, and taking Nexium early morning 30min before 1st meal for my fucking heartburn, which most likely is from huge amounts of stress, as I said, which jacks the the gut big time.

So just a bit more info about myself and what I do on the daily basis. Any questions, suggestions are welcome all the time:)


Also ordered BPC157 so will be running it and will share my experience, might be useful for those are suffering from gut issues. I’ve been advised its pure magic and works really well esp for jacked up gut. Will be running good Probiotics from as many strains as I can get my hands on and Collostrum >30% along on the side. Will see how it goes.

Just got my BP checked on 2ish years of 500mg test e a week with asin 25mg ed, eod, or e3d, depending on how “estrogenic” I look (moon face) or feel (cranky).


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