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40 Day Workout or Power to the People?

Dan Johns 40 Day workout challenge or Pavel’s Power to the People routine or any variation thereof? If so what was your program like and what did you think of it?

I did PTP for several months and saw great gains with it. I added squats, so I was deadlifting, benching and squatting five days a week. all my lifts went up by 30-70 pounds in short order, but it is NOT going to make you gain noticeable muscle. I should add that I was coming back off a long break, so some of the gains were do to that.

I have just started Dan Johns 40 day program. I like hitting the major muscle groups 5 days a week and the farmers walks torch my triceps and traps after doing all the other exercises. Warming up with 100 kettle bell swings really gets me ready to lift. I’m doing 2 sets of 50 with a 25 lbs kettlebell but I going to a heavier kettle bell soon.

I’m using the 40 day program as a deload to begin with because I’m coming off a powerlifting contest. All the weights I’m using are 55% of max right now but next week I will inch up on the weight and add 5 lbs for each lift.