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40 Axioms to Live & Grow

A great list…This was written by Mark Baily -

40 Axioms to Live & Grow

Your body will always resist change. You must convince it to change. This convincing usual takes the form of kicking it in the ass with tons of intense workouts and stuffing it full of quality food.

Use freeweights frequently. Use machines not so frequently.

No matter how hard you train, your progress will slow to halt if you do not feed your body with quality food.

Train legs. Use the squat rack to squat and you are already half way to getting huge?..the rest is just sweat.

If you skip breakfast, cancel your gym membership now. It is just a waste of money. Go to the movies instead.

The most important supplements are a big fork, large amounts of heavy iron, and this thing called determination.

1 rep maximums are much more dangerous than they are beneficial to muscle growth.

Stay off the scale as much as possible. The number it tells you can be very misleading. The mirror is a much more accurate means of measuring progress.

There are plenty of guys at 225lbs that look like crap. Don?t get caught up in the numbers game.

I don?t care how much you can bench. Tell me about how much you can squat and deadlift correctly and then we can talk.

Everyone can benefit from Olympic style lifts.

Creatine does work.

HMB still does not work.

Excess carbs will kill even the best of physiques.

The Atkins diet is utter rubbish.

Bodybuilding is a healthy activity. Once it has become potential dangerous to your health, you are in way too deep.

Never buy Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Ironman or any other muscle magazine you see at the store.

Flexibility is the most ignored aspect of fitness.

Progress in the gym is about consistently adding variation.

No matter how many crunches you do, you will never have a six-pack if your cardio and diet is not on point.

There is no such thing as muscle toning. What exactly is that anyhow?

The size of someone?s arms and their exercise/diet knowledge is not usually a constant ratio.

If someone has great legs, 90% of the time he/she will have great everything else.

Bodybuilders are weird people.

Females should not be afraid of weight training. You can only look like those women on the cover of the muscle magazines after years of hardwork, diet and a handful of steroids. The little pump after your last set of bicep curls does not make you look like a man.

Lean, ripped and strong will always be better than big, strong and fat.

At 6’0, you have a better chance of making it to the NBA than being a professional bodybuilder.

?Natural? means ?without drugs?. Natural does not mean ?without legal supplements, freeweights or normal food.?

70-90% of people who start an exercise routine or diet fail to stay on it more than 6 months. Don?t make yourself one of them.

Always have an open mind. You can learn something from the old guy in the gym as well as the punk at the front desk.

Always keep in mind that steroids are illegal. Being the guy with the best looking body in prison may not be the best thing for you.

Plan your meals. You should know what you will eat at this time tomorrow. Leave it up to fate and you are leaving your progress up to two people named McDonald and Wendy.

Remember that triceps are ?three? muscle and biceps are ?two? muscles (duh). So put down that curl bar and push some serious weight if you want big arms.

Big arms are nice. Ripped abs are great. Well developed legs are priceless.

Everyone and their cousin is a fitness ?expert?. Think of that one dumbass lazy cousin you have the next time someone proclaims himself as an expert.

Pain is part of this sport, but you most learn to know when your body is telling you to stop and when you should tell it to shut the hell up and push.

If you are ugly, bodybuilding will only make you ugly with muscles, which is better.

There is no such thing as overweight, just overfat.

Always remember, limits are for people who have them.

Beautiful. Should be posted on the wall of every gym everywhere.

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