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40+ and Alpha Male


wanted to get feed back on over forty lifters that are useing Alpha Male verses

I am 40 and am looking at a stack of Alpha Male, Methoxy-7, and Carbolin 19 to gain lean mass.


I've never done the HRT, but I have used Alpha Male. The degree to which it works varies with individuals. The only way you'll know for sure is to get your T levels checked, use Alpha Male, and get your T levels checked again.

Good luck.


You might want to get a blood test before and after whatever supplements you decide to try.

That way, you'll be able to see objectively if they're affecting your T levels.

It'll probably work better if you try the supps separately before stacking them.


thanks for the info I am planning on haveing t levels checked next week, I have done cycles of m1t and was also wondering
how Alpha Male stacked up to that


I'm 42 and I just finished a 3 mo. Alpha Male cycle. Well worth it. I will repeat regularly. I also take creatine.


slightly off topic but how do you guys get blood tests done ? i've only seen a doctor once for a routine physical and he brushed off my inquiries into testosterone , blood ph, and lipid profile just saying" you've got a few years before we'll worry about that ..." wtf ?

meanwhile i hear about people getting bloodwork twice a year and i'd like to do that at least a couple of times just to understand my baseline levels etc.

can you just go to a lab and do it ? expecting to pay of course.


I just had a physical, they drew blood to test for other things. So I had them add Test to the test. My doctor tried to brushh me off too. Due to age, turns out I qualified for HRT.


I?ve used Nitro T3, which to me looks like a similar product, and feel that it makes a huge difference. What I?ve noticed is that the effects seem to quickly dissipate (I assume because the receptor sites quickly become desensitized). I don't think it does much good after a week or two. So imo the secret is to find something else to boost testosterone levels that isn't based on the standard trib and eurycoma, etc.

It?s the Stuff of Life?


Yes, but it ain't cheap...


From what I understand, Alpha Male (and for that matter, TRIBEX, RED KAT, and M) is not supposed to cause down-regulation if taken correctly.


Remember as with many other services is that doctor works for you. Make it plain and clear as to why you want the test if he doesnt wish to comply simply ask for your records and got tone that will.


I'm 50 and started 6 caps/day of AM today. Also on 10 grams/day of Androgel.

I'll try and post weekly with regard to the Alpha Male. Other guys, join in?


started Alpha Male on monday 4 caps a day and the erections are unreal this stuff rocks!!!! also on Carbolin 19 4 caps a day

havent got my results back yet on the blood work to find out what t levels are
should find out on monday or tuesday


It's only been 4 days but I do notice a difference with Alpha Male + Gel as opposed to the Gel alone. Alpha Male is the real deal. It says to wait 4 weeks to experience full results so I'm looking forward to that.

Suggestion: Take Alpha Male with your meals. Cy Willson, on this site, recommends that, especially if it's not a high-fiber meal. I think the absorbtion is better, according to Cy.