40/30/30 or 30/40/30?

Who has had good results gaining lean muscle mass by using a 40P/30C/30F diet? Has this type of diet worked on bulking cycles for anyone, or has the majority of followers found it effective only in a fat-loss regimen? The reason I ask is because I have been advised to follow a 30P/40C/30F diet when attempting to gain muscle mass. However, I am wondering if following a 40P/30C/30F diet would enable me to add as much or almost as much muscle mass as a 30P/40C/30F diet, but with a better muscle/fat ratio? Please share some thoughts/advice/experiences. Thanks.

As i’ve said inumerous times before i gained 20 pounds in 6 month’s on a isocaloric diet. I really don’t think you have to eat a ton of carbs to get bigger. What’s really important is caloric intake.

Right now I’m doing 33P/33C/33F and I feel great. I’m getting 2500 calories and experiencing really good strength gains for some reason. I’m cutting right now.