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40/30/30 Diet

Which way is the 40/30/30 diet suppose to be distributed? Is it 40%carbs, 30%protein, 30%fat, or 40%protein, 30%carbs, 30%fat? Ive seen this diet in both ways and don’t know which one is the effective one for bodybuilders. I know that John B. has recommended this ratio before in his diets, but which way did he say it should be?

40 protein, 30 carb, 30 fat.

I am pretty sure it is meant as 40 carbs 30 pro 30 fat (at least that is how I have most seen it be implemented). However, like everything else the optimal ratio is going to be a very individual thing.

you need to read the book(cuz its just not a matter of following a ratio…its also certain foods and things…go to the library check it out and do something they call reading…get off your ass and read before going and asking people who work hard at learning information for help…i sure as hell am not doing the work for you and i hope no one else either does

It is indeed 40% protein. However, as stated previously, there’s more to Barry Sears work than just the ratio. First off, you determine the amount of protein based on your lean mass (and he uses height and wrist measurements to get lean mass – what a joke) that you need in a day. Then the rest of it is determined from there. It’s not just ratios, it’s also calorie restricting. Not the way to go to gain mass!