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40 30 30 Bulk


So lookin for some samples or tips for a clean 40 30 30 bulk.. I've been in a bulk phase since bout September 08, I've went up a good 20 lbs from about 195ish to pushin 220... My diet is about 85% clean with more cheating then I'd like to be doing..

I was thinking 40 30 30 just to create more structure to what Im currently doing and I wanna see what more healthy fats will do to my training and my body.. Its just stupid simple right now.

Meal 1
2 scoops whey
Half cup Oats
2 TBL OMega 3 6 9 blend
Half cup frozen berries
1 banana
--- In water

Meal 2
1 Chicken breast (heres where im retarded, dont weigh it always eye ball)
1 cup brown rice (weight or measure sometimes)
1 cup peas

Meal 3
6 Hard boiled eggs (4 whole, 2 whites)
1 apple or banana

Meal 4
Always same as meal 2

Meal 5
1 Can of tuna
2 slices whole wheat bread

This is where i will usually train
I have a simple PWO shake
2 scoops Isolate
1 scoop carb mix
5 g glut
----In water----

Im usually drained after workouts and lazy with my meals, its tends to be when i cheat the most... So i need some help with that....

I work stupid shifts but always try and keep it the same no matter what time of the day or night im eating..

So like I said, I've had success with my bulk, im up almost 25 lbs, body fat in decent, strength is good but at a plateau, this is more why i want the change.... So any links or help to kinda get me over this plateau is what im looking for, basically just ready to get a lot more serious about this lifestyle, if thats possible....


First, there is nothing wrong with "stupid simple" if it gets results, and your meals seem to be pretty good.

However, your PWO shake could use some slight tweaking: it should consist of approximately .8 gram/kg bodyweight fast acting carbs (maltodextrin is good and not too pricey) and .4 gram/kg bodyweight protein. Protein that has been broken down into its constituent amino acids such as hydrolysate is preffered but pricey, so it's up to you.

As for your diet, when is the last time you recalculated your daily caloric intake? You have put on quite a bit of mass so you need to up your calories to see more results. If that is not the problem, try changing your training.


I believe 40/30/30 is what MOST people should follow; most people are in-between in handling carbs. Then let's say 20% do OK with high carbs and another 20% do really bad with carbs.


Thanks for the reply.. I guess ya simple works, its just simple gets boring, more so I was just looking to spice it up a little, change my meals, add more, whatever it takes.. My problem is I've been pretty consistant since I started this but as its become repetitive i've began to slip and cheat more often..

I haven't sat down and crunched the calories, Im sure i could add another meal in there, my last meal of the day is what im concerned about, by the time im done training after workin all day, ill pound my PWO shake and then sometimes turn to a bum for a couple hours... Props on the shake idea although that is a lot of carbs and pro.. 174g carb 87g pro... I use maltodextrin now but have been using just 1 scoop which is 52g's, i do about 60g's of pro.. I'll up this and see how it works, thats a lottttta powder dude!!


That ratio is just a baseline. If you are uncomfortable consuming that many calories, feel free to cut back. I have noticed .5 g/kg carb and .3 g/kg works fine on larger men. However, the original ratio is a great way to add clean calories. Another trick is to divide it in half and start drinking half starting about 15 min. before your workout and drink the other half after you workout. This is what I do and have noticed much more energy during the workout. As for the meals, I know it can get boring and had the same problem with cheating. Then my girlfriend bought me John Berardi's Gourmet Nutrition (it runs for about $40). The recipes are very tasty and already have the macronutrient breakdown. At least 2-3 times a week I just pick a recipe and make it (I now count them as cheat meals even though they are nowhere near).

Also, every sunday I make a weeks worth of Dr. Johns Chile, which is extremely delicious. A $20 crock pot will handle a weeks worth and eat one serving a day around lunch time.


Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that in John Berardi's article "Muscle Building Meals" he has the recipe for Dr. John's Chili and several other meals so you don't even need Gourmet Nutrition to start out with. I still highly recommend it since there are dozens more recipes in the book.


Word man!! My girlfriend has made Berardi's chile, I was actually thinking along those lines, just something to mix it up.. I didnt know about the cook book, but im gonna look for it for sure,, that man is a genious.. My girlfriend followed his shredded diet before her last figure show and looked her best ever.. Thanks for your insight.


No problem, let me know how it works out foy you. For the book, go to johnberardi.com you can buy it there.