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4 Yrs (It has flown by)

I just realized something a bit ago and wanted to share it.

Today exactly 4 yrs ago was my last day of being a fatty. I made the decision to change on May 5th 2000 and havent looked back.

Went from just under 300 to 215 in no time and am now sitting at 190 at the start of a PH/bulk cycle.

Man how the time flies and what you can learn in a short amount of time.


Excellent work man. It’s good to hear a change like that is possible. It’s also good to know you’ve been able to keep it off.

I hear ya. 3 years ago today I was standing 6’2 @ 16 years old and weighing 145. Today I am 19, 6’3, and weigh 205 with a fairly low bodyfat percentage, alng with what some would say to be fairly impressive lifts, much to the credit of T-Mag and Westside. It’s amazing how much one can learn from simply doing the research with a little empirical evidence to boot:)

Congrats, Phill! thats quite an accomplishment.
What are your goals now?


That is an amazing accomplishment. My hat is off to you. Just incredible.

Amazing accomplishment, Phill, Congratulations.

Thanks all.

As for my goals now. Well to keep progressing. Adding quality LBM and keeping a reasonable level of BF%. Now loaded with the knowledge of how to cut the right way (the easy part) and the realization that one must carry some fat to gain large amounts of muscle(the hard part) I am on the right track I think.

Short term goals= I am on day three of 6week bulking cycle including M1T/4AD/M1T&4AD stack two weeks each in that order.

I know it is a little weird. Everyone else is cutting down for summer and I just start to pack it on. But, hey it was just the best time for my cycle to get the attention it deserves and I should be able to catch the end of July and August in good shape after PCT and then some cutting.

See ya,

Thanks again for the congrats.

Excellent progress.

I also seem to bulk in the summer too, go figure…


Phill, were you able to lose the fat in those hard-to-reach spots (e.g., love handles, lower abs)?

Good job, again. That’s an amazing change in body comp.

Great job, Phill! Not many people can say they’ve lost that much weight and they’re able to keep it off. Keep up the good work, my friend!

BTW. How’s mom doing? She’s still in our thoughts and prayers.

Great job Phil and congrats on being one of the few and not the many :wink:

Mike Mahler


That’s awesome man! I hope to be right there with you some day. If I could get down to 240 that would be awesome.

Your posts have helped me out alot. Training and dieting are hard work. Glad to see that you’ve kept it off.


Great work Phill.

Thanks again all.

Mom is doing better than expected as usual. I am trying to keep all the info. going on the other thread. Thank you all for the support and caring.


Glad I have been able to help. Simply trying to pass the knowledge that has been passed to me.

You can do it by the way. It is just a matter of determination, and desire.

Yes `it is a total life change but once adapted it’s a breeze. Just keep chugging away and you will be rewarded.

Anything I can try and help with dont hesitate to ask.