4 Yrs After Last Cycle, Still Having Erectile Dysfunction. Bloodwork Help?

Hi All,

So my last cycle was 4 years ago, i’m 29. I have always seemed to suffer with ED since taking and stopped taking steroids because of it; whether it dying inside her or not being hard enough to go in. This is destroying every relationship I have and ruining my life now so please help if you can :(. However I always wake up with rock solid hard ons etc so it is confusing.

My questions are:

  1. How do my bloods seem can anyone analyse them a bit, they seem like the problem here I think?
  2. Will a pct help? Or any other drugs?
  3. Who do I need to see now, an Endocrinologist?

Im UK based so think I would have to go through my GP they put me through to erection specialist but all they do is give you some viagra, cialis etc which can sometimes work (has not recently) but doesn’t help my root problem. Or is there any private clinics or USA specialist phone appointments I can do?

The number on the right is what they would class as normal.
Follicile-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
FSH 2 IU/L (2-12)

Lutenising Hormone (LH)
LH 3 IU/L (2-9)

Prolactin (PRL)
Prolactin 227 mU/L < 401

Serum oestradiol level = 165 pmol/L (50.00 - 218.oopmol/L)

Sex Hormone Binding Glob. (SHB)
14.8 nmol/L (14.0-48.0)

Testosternone (TES)
Testosterone 11.5nmol/L (8.6-29.0)

I do have slightly high cholesterol as well. However my weight is fine 172lbs (12 stone 2) and 1.85 metres tall (6 foot 1). Thanks.

Your test is low and your E2 is high. That’s a bad combo. High E2 in the presence of high Test is good and healthy but your numbers are causing you issues.

I havent heard too many good things about UK medicine when it comes to TRT but you can try. Dont let him tell you is in the “normal range”. First of all you want optimal numbers not low normal and secondly what matters most is how you FEEL. Fuck the ranges.

If you cant get any help, I’d self treat with Test and masteron at a TRT level. About 150 -200 mg Test and 100 mg Masteron/week in 2 doses.

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What studhammer said will work but I got another option for you.

  1. Get your T up with a PCT. Take tamoxifen for 6 weeks and get bloods in between. Your E2 could rise with the T but doesn’t have to. If your E2 is even higher, very carefully introduce an aromatase inhibitor. Then get bloods 1-2 weeks after that. Your E2 should be lower now (not too low!) and your T up. You then have to find your sweet-spot where you’re feeling your best. This is difficult. When you found it, is keep the hormone levels there for 2-3 months. Then try to come off.

  2. ED is most of the time mental. Your ED sounds like a mental thing to me. I’d make it a priority to stop worrying too much. Point 1 will help with that since low T and high E2 are known for causing anxiety.

  3. Cialis is unreliable. It has a lot of benefits, I like it but the disadvantage is that it sometimes doesn’t work as well as Viagra or Vardenafil. If you go to any ED forum, they will tell you that Cialis is often unreliable not behause it’s faked but because of the substance. So you have to find what works for you there too. I took cialis for fun a few times last year and in the same batch I had raging boners as well as with the next pill nearly an erection problem with it. This seems common with cialis (my batch was tested).

Good luck to you!

TRT is a good option as well but what you do depends on your specific wishes and circumstances.

Thanks so much both of you for replying, means a lot. I don’t want to go on TRT as I want to have kids next year.

What dose of Tamoxifen (or clomid do you think?) should I take for the 6 weeks?

Sorry do you mean I find a “right” dose and stay on it for 2-3 months? Or 6 weeks as you said the previous sentence?

Start at 20 mg/day and move up to 40/day as needed

Oh sorry wasn’t clear. I meant you should get bloods after 3 weeks or so before introducing the AI, then after 3 weeks with the AI (very low dose!) and then if you found your sweet spot, stay on that regimen for a few months.
No Clomid. Clomid makes you emotional, not what you want.

Ok cool. Cheers.
I dont think I can convince my doctors to keep giving me random blood tests. How can I go about getting them done but not from my doctor?


Look that up in the forum. There’s good info here.

We have a lot of options here in the US. I have no idea of the UK is similar

UK: Medichecks it’s online order whatever you want.

Trt private is quite good here as well these days. If that’s the route you end up going down!

Just to clarify, there’s serious side effects of tamoxifen too. We always talk as if it doesn’t have any but blood clots are possible with tamoxifen too. So watch out for warm swollen painful parts of your legs. Also watch out for vision issues.
Be careful as with any other drug.
It doesn’t happen often but the higher the dose the more likely side effects will occur.

Hopefully the guy from the other thread reads that too.