4+ Years on TRT - Current Lab Results

Really need some help here… My doctor had me pprescribed at 1.5-2ml/week

He has not had me do a blood test in 2 years… I just decided to do it on my own…

What do i need to do to get these levels down?
E2: 70
SHBG: 13
FT: 505
TT: 1730

What concentration are you using? If it is 200 or 250 mg/mL, it is almost certainly too much, your labs show this too.

How often do you pin? When was the blood pulled compared to the injection.

IMO, this is too much long term.

Put the lab ranges with your numbers.

You should do bloods at least once a year if you are injecting Test. Find a new doctor, or just use him for the script and do your own work. I suggest getting more comprehensive labs that include lipids, HCT, PSA, liver and kidney values. If you are paying this guy out of pocket (a TRT clinic), find a new one.

You take less



PSA: 0.57

So you’re taking 300-400mg/wk thats like a steroid cycle. Most TRT users are in the 100-200mg/wk range. With your low SHBG and obvious high response to Test I would lower significantly and pin EOD. Talk to your doc about trying something like 40mg EOD.

I have a call into him. Closed till Monday. how would you suggest tapering it down and when should i test again? My last pin was yesterday, thinking it was high i only did 150mg. I’m pretty sure it’s been this high for about 3 months. Prior to that I had an injury and kept my weekly’s under 200mg.

Yes you should taper down, wait 6-8 weeks, see how you feel and then take labs again.

Sent you an email, hope thats ok.

Cut your dosage down to about 80mg per week and split it (40mg) twice weekly. This will make your peak and trough levels less dramatic and you may actually feel better.

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