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4 Wks Out of Competition, Close to 50


This is me, after 18 years of not competing


ridiculous conditioniong. Any other pics?



Mind if I ask your age?

And yah conditioning is damn impressive.


49, 5 month shy of 50.


This is impressive. Good inspiration for us in the over 35 crowd. I see you're 6'1 at 205 lbs, 5% bf. Is that your weight / BF in the picture? If so, what're your "off season" numbers?


Pretty close, I think I was at 6-7% in these pictures and 207. I am slighly leaner now, about 2 1/2 weeks left. I am just trying to maintain at this point. I feel like I am ready. Off seasson was 220 and about 12%.


Looking amazing bro. PLease keep us updated as you come into the show!



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6-7% at those pics?

5% would be ridiculously dry mate...

Let us know how the show goes!


True. Arms look lack-luster, even for your age. Granted, that can be easily remedied. Have you been incorporating direct arm work into your program?


still, very impressive imb


Amazing arms but look crap compared to rest of your body your almost good except for those arms great job regardless


awesome conditioning! You look like you have muscles that aren't even in the anatomy books! Bigger biceps and triceps would be good, but I'm sure it's not for lack of trying. Best of luck in your comp!


I agree, arms do look like crap! Will work harder next year! Update at 1 week out.


You from Noho?


Seems he has high tri/insertions and short bi insertion. Something I've been dealt genetically also. Damn you guys with them cantaloupe tris!!!!