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4 Wks Off, Test in System 26 Days?

How many mg’s of test prop in system is considered ok after cycle has ended ?

hi guys im doing a 2 week 4 off of test prop only and based on roid calculator id have 21 mgs circulating in my system on day 15…not fully clearing till day 26… is that bad? ive searched but cant really find a way to google my question… what are we allowed to work with after cycle is said and done to be safe?

btw my cycle is test prop
day 1 800 mg
days 2 -8 250
gonna be running OT 120 mgs on 8 - 14

holy fuck you did 8cc’s on day 1?

[quote]ty_ty13 wrote:
holy fuck you did 8cc’s on day 1?[/quote]

You use 100 mg/mL oil? Why not get a 200 or 250 (or even the 400)?

Or are you confused and think that 800 mg automatically equals 4 cc (1 cc = 1 mL)?