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4 Wk MAG-10 Cycle


Guys I'm planning to do the velocity diet and use MAG-10 along with HOT-ROX. I'm thinking of using half the recomended dose of MAG-10 and take it for 4 weeks instead of 2 so that I can complete the v-diet. Now I know there might be some endocrine suppression at the end so I wanted some advice as to what to use after the 4 week cycle. M is gone so is Alpha Male going to suffice or should I use some other anti-estrogen along with it to bring my system back to normal?


I'm wondering why the HOT-ROX?


Well the objective is to maximise fat loss while trying to maintain as much muscle mass as I can. I staced HOT-ROX with Alpha Male about 6 months and did a cycle of the V-diet...it was quite effective but I did lose some muscle mass because I sort of overdid the cardio part. So this time I've decided to go with half a dose of MAG-10



Save the MAG-10. Re-Read the V-Diet article. Shugart specifically says not to waste your time with PHs during the V-Diet. Cut up and save the MAG-10 for when you bulk.


Sorry, forgot to answer the question. I would wait untill after the V diet to do this. MAG-10 will not do you much bulking good if you are on a cutting diet AND using HOT-ROX.

I would also take it as recommeded, and a half dose for longer periods will minimize gains and maximize sided possibly.


I know your goal is to maintain as much muscle as possible, but i'm not sure i would use MAG-10 for the purpose you have suggested. I'm not saying it won't work, but why use it in a cutting phase when it is really more for use in a bulk.

I guess since you can't buy it anymore, i personally would save it for gaining mass.

Maybe you could try some Alpha Male with the HOT-ROX instead.


I agree with the above poster. Unless there is some INCREDIBLY special reason that you need to get lean, don't waste the MAG-10 on leaning out.

If you are a person who has a hard time leaning out effectively, once the effects of the MAG-10 are gone, you will slowly start gaining fat again because you will not have learned anything about how to diet or stay lean without the "help."

If you bulk with the MAG-10, you will be putting on muscle and have something to "show for it" when your done rather than the body fat that will eventually revisit you.



I wouldn't absolutely say don't use MAG-10 on this plan. It's no different than a watered down version of 'Steroid Dieting.' See the article. However, if you follow the Velocity Diet exactly and don't overdue the cardio, you can probably keep muscle loss very minimal. And you'll have the MAG-10 for a bulking phase.


save the MAG-10 for bulking. If you are that worried about muscle loss do a stack of TRIBEX and Carbolin 19, should minimalize muscle loss. What I have been using all rugby season and I have lost 5 pounds w/ no muscle loss, weight room strength is still going up.


Well see the objective is to get as lean as possible within that time frame while mainting my current muscle mass. Now I'm a former fat boy(lost 78lbs abt 7 yrs ago) and currently at about 180lbs with 11-13% bf at 5'8", so whenever on a cutting phase I have to depend on cardio a bit more than the average person. The MAG-10 is just a precaution in case I end up being a bit overzealous.


Go on the velocity diet, follow it to a T, lay off the damned cardio while you are starving yourself on a diet such as this... and save the freaking precious MAG-10.

Just the thought of wasting it in this way brings a tear to my eye... sniff.