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4 Weeks to Train for Jiu Jitsu Match

Dr Darden,
If you were to train a person for a 7 minute Jui Jitsu match and had 4 weeks until the event, how would you do it?

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I’d practice the Jui Jitsu and strength train on the same days – and do the one you need the most first.

I’d do those things on three non-consecutive days per week for two weeks. Then, I’d probably go to twice a week for the last two weeks.

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Just wondering - how much JJ has this person done before, and how much will their opponent have done? I’m curious about the circumstances that brought this situation about.

I only ask because you’re not really going to get much stronger in 4 weeks, and you’re not going to be good at jiu jitsu in 4 weeks, but if you don’t waste any time strength training or recovering from strength training in some weird attempt to get stronger before a JJ match less than a month from now, you can actually make some headway in learning a proper defense.


My son is in a match, I’ve trained him HIT style since he was young and he’s 26 now. It’s high level black belt match - 2500.00 and video contract to the winner - was just wanting to see what would be the best way to peak in a short time.

He’s always in good shape but wanted to peak for this one.

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Hahah, awesome!

I honestly couldn’t tell what was going on, had to ask. That sounds great, your son sounds like he’s put in a lot of hard work and deserves this.

Best of luck to him and you.

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Idk anything about BJJ, but I would think doing what has always worked in the past would be a solid approach. 4 weeks before a major match might not be the best time to try new things.

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Not trying anything new but I like what Dr. Darden wrote. I was just wanting a different view on volume/frequency. We’re making very minor tweeks…We’re dancing with who we brought to the prom

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I’ve got to second @flappinit on this. If you’ve only got four weeks before a jiu-jitsu tournament, then nothing is more important than focusing on your “A” game, skills-wise, for the competition.

Other activities might be different, but jiu-jitsu competitions are extremely technical. It is very easy to lose to someone smaller, weaker, slower, etc. if your technique is not on point.

John Danaher has a great riff where he talks about the difference between what he can do for one of his fighters physically in four weeks, compared to what he can do for him mentally and technically over the same time period. As Danaher would say “there’s no comparison.”

Good luck to your son! Is he going to a Fight2Win competition? You mentioned “high level black belt match” and $$$ …

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Yes Danaher is incredible!

It’s a Fuji Pro event. Bjjfanatics sponsored. DVD deal included

He’s got a knee cut dvd out on bjjfantics as well.


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Top billing too! Sounds like a great night of matches. Will have to check out his Knee Cut Roadmap DVD. Liking the version that Leandro Lo and Gordon Ryan are doing. So many variations …

I appreciated Dr. D’s thoughts on training BJJ and strength training on the day same. I struggled badly with that last fall, doing one or the other and leaving little recovery time.

Can you get any videos of the opponent ? Now would be a good time to study the other guy, work on technique, maintain strength & flexibility

It’s been a fun ride. We have a gym together, we’re both black belts. I run the Personal Training side and he runs the BJJ side.

Quick story - many years ago my gym was in my garage and there was a guy that was very good, (Jonathon Thomas) and I started training him HIT style. (He now says that was the strongest he’s ever been :)) After the sessions he and my son who was a blue belt at the time would just work on technique and the Lo knee cut/torreando was a big part of it.

That drilling really made some major changes in his game and he uses that knee cut to this day.

Gordon’s float passing is great as well!

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His opponent is on another level and definitely the favorite in this match. The guy’s pace is relentless.

My son is very good and I’ve seen him win a lot of matches when he’s the underdog so we will see.

I think it’s just how he handles the early intensity of the match.

He’s put in the training and is in good shape so we’ll see.

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