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4 Weeks to Make a Change


Hi guys,

It's been AGES since i've posted here.

Hope everybody is good and training hard.

I have a few disclaimers before I ask my question so go EASY please!!!!! =D

I apologise in advance but I'm not ready to post pics yet..i've made huge transformations with my body over the last 6 months and I don't want to post my "after" pics until I'm ready and happy.

I'm really just after some encouragement and general ideas/suggestions.

Currently i'm weight in at 82.5KG, (I'm 180CM tall with a 36" waist), a far cry from the 96KG I weighed aprx 4 months ago now...
As inaccurate as they seem to be i've measured my BMI for my diet and it's saying i'm around 24-25% bodyfat at the moment, and there is still a slight pudge around my belly and the rest of my physique (although i've packed on a lot of muscle) is looking soft and undefined.

So my diet has been going well, I eat 1g of protein per LBM per day ALWAYS, and get in enough carbs and EFAs while staying in a calorie defecit of around 1950cals per day sometimes slightly more sometimes less..
Weight training is 5 days a week lifting heavy and hard (PLENTY of rest happening)
Mon - Chest
Tue - Back
Wed - Legs
Thurs - Shoulders
Fri - Arms

Cardio - 20 mins daily of target heart rate time running or biking (just started a few days ago previously I was doing no cardio)

My question after all that is..
If I had 4 weeks to make a big change, to see how far I could get and how lean I could get in 4 weeks, what would you do??

I just want to set a new goal because 4 weeks is a bit of a landmark for me and i'd like to see how dramatic a change I can make in that timeframe..

With things currently as they are I think I could get cut in about 3 months on a slow steady cut doing what I'm doing,
But just wondering if anyone had an ideas for a 4 week challenge?

I saw a you-tube video of a guy saying if you're already in "decent" shape you can make big changes by eating nothing but chicken, tuna, turkey, celery, apples for 4 weeks straight..
Obviously doesn't sound to healthy, but yeah this is the kind of change i'm trying to make!

Don't get me wrong please I'm not expecting to be Brad Pitt at the end of 4 weeks, just trying to make the most of the time I have as a bit of a challenge,
If I could drop the final 2KG that the BMI calc says i'm carrying and maybe get more defined I would be really happy!



I forgot to mention i'm taking ASN Extreme cuts 3x per day, not many left in the canister but will finish them off over the next week or so.


2000 calorie deficit a day? That's quite a bit, so I hope you know what you're doing.

Look into the velocity diet on this forum, though I would take a few weeks off first if you've been cutting like mad these last few months.

Are you using the BMI as the BMI that tells you you're underweight/overweight? It's fairly useless, so get your bf tested with calipers at a decent gym.

I'm going to say you probably need some help with your diet, so read up on some of the nutrition articles on this site.


Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

2000 defecit?????????

Surely not?

The BMI says that my maintanence cals are 2300, and cutting cals are around 1950 for somebody who is 82KGs - 130Pounds

It thinks i'm 2KG overweight.

Have I got it completely wrong?

I thought I actually had the diet part of it down, and I have been losing weight just slowly.

Not sure about the V-Diet, I can't really justify the expense on suppliments for it.

But it it's the best way??


Oh right right right.......... =D


I didn't mean i'm at t 1950 defecit, I meant i'm consuming 1950 cals per day which is a defecit from my maintanence cals of 2300-2400.

Sorry, reading that back it does sound unlcear!