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4 Weeks To Improve


Ive recently failed a fitness test due to running but i have always ran really fast . 2 miles in 13:00 mins and under . it has been 3 yrs since i last worked out but i have great muscle memory . Id love some help in getting into better shape . i have 4 weeks to prep for the next fitness test and i need to improve my push ups , situps and running within this time frame while hoping to gain weight . i am 155 lbs at 6 ft 3 inches ....i am a rail and im sick of running around in the shower to get wet .

Will someone help me out and either list a perfect workout not to complex or crazy just to build my whole body back up and also a eating routine to gain some weight . i need this because i want my wife to look at me like she used to and i want to change my lifestyle into a more active one , I am confident and i do not give up so if you have some advice or tips into getting into beast shape in 4 weeks let me hear it . after the 4 weeks i will continue to improve and aim for the 300 score on this fitness test . Thank you


With 4 weeks you might pass. And it all depends on where your numbers are now. Anyway generally speaking I would run each morning for at least 4-5 miles. Push ups and sit ups spaced out through the day going just shy of failure each time. Honestly if you're that thin I would throw in 2 days of weightlifting at most. Maybe 2 fullbody workouts, and an upper lower one. As for your getting jacked plan. Look up normal bulking plans and apply. I would do this after your fitness test as the added weight might make your running score worse. Anyway look up stuff by shelby starnes, Dave Palumbo also has a decen bulking plan. When you're ready to gain weight just pick a bodybuilding routine and apply it. You might want to focus on building a base of strength it really doesn't matter anything will work at your current weight.


in your first paragraph you said you havent worked out in three years. in your second paragraph you said "I am confident and i do not give up"...

if you dont give up, why did you quit working out 3 years ago???


I'm in your shoes, I'm a sailor. I failed a preliminary measurement on October 5th and had 5 weeks to drop two inches off my waist while keeping my neck at 17.5 inches. Bodyweight was 240: I measure rather than make weight because even when I was at my leanest I was 205 pounds, 13 pounds over the limit. Saturday I was down to 233.5 and my run and events have improved. And my traps have gotten thicker along with other muscles. Here's how, so far:

1.) Started up 5/3/1 using the 4-day template and using Westside for Skinny Bastards 3 for the assistance template. The reps part will help leans you out but will also help things like the pushups and situps and endurance. So, as an example, you could either do two sets to rep failure of pushups after the bench presses or do 4 sets of pushups instead of laterals on military press day. Stay on the 10-15 rep side for the assistance work. I use chinups/pullups and a DB row variation on the upper body days. Use bodyweight movements for assistance movements when you can.

2.) My run was shit since I hadn't run in weeks so the first two weeks were spent walking most of the time with some trotting here and there, just to prep my legs. Now, I'm running intervals after weights on weight days to lean out, and might walk gentle hills on off days. Less chance of injury this way.

3.) Pick a good diet, and a good protein to supplement it.

4.) If you haven't picked a target yet for that day, do so. In the past, I would use diet tricks and the sauna to get lean and got nowhere: my waist shrunk but so did my neck and my bodyfat measurement stayed the same. My target is 230 a few days before November 5th, and I could drop 5 pounds the day before without extremes or a sauna.

5.) Never wait this long to get started up again.


Ask yourself if what you just posted is helping or being a detriment.

The guy seems very sincere and there's no point in starting this shit you're trying to pull. And please don't say, "oh I'm just asking, blah blah blah." Don't be one of those people trying to look cool so he starts shit, when a sincere question/request is being asked for.


Hate to be the guy who suggests this but look into P90x type programs. If you only have 4 weeks, that's probably your best bet. Not necessarily the actual P90x program, but anything similar in principles.

And make sure you don't neglect the conditioning part via running. If you wanna get better at it, the only way is to do it.


Pushups and situps: look up "One Hundred Pushups" and "Two Hundred Situps". If you're in the military, you should be able to start somewhere in the middle.

Run: In my experience, sprints helped my 2 mile time the most. I'm no runner, but I've always felt that 2 miles is a short enough distance that someone who is a decent sprinter should be able to pass the run without running more than a mile at a time while training for it. I run single miles hard, do 30-60's (common in army, but in case you aren't sure, sprint 30 secs, walk 60 secs) for 20-30 minutes, or sprint 50 meters 15-20 times. Do these after a thorough warmup of course.

Hope this helps

EDIT: Frequency, depending on which you decide to do:

I would run the miles daily, the 30-60's every other day, or the sprints 2-3 times/week.
If you mix and match, just do what you feel you can handle. Also, I would cut out the last two the week before the test, and obviously cut out everything the day before. Maybe a half mile JOG to stay in tune.

Good luck


thanks guys for the advice , and as for SPKs comment , i returned to the military after 3 years of a break in service . so in other words i did not give up there hoss . i do whats required to earn my respect and serve my country , WTF have you done ? thanks guys and ill post my progress as it reveals itself .


Tell me exactly what the fitness test requires, and I will write you a program.





I think he was asking why you weren't training while not in service?

As far as what to do, read the site. There's plenty of programs, diets and what not on here. Beginners section is a good place to start to keep it nice and simple in terms of eating and training.

Since you have 4 weeks, you need to be running 5-6 times a week.

Start out running the distance of the test, if that's easy, start running more mileage. Again since you're short on time, HIIT might be more beneficial as it's shown to illicit quicker, albeit not necessarily the best long term results. Since you just need to pass the test and you're not trying to be a competitive distance runner, a mix of sprints as someone suggested and actual mileage will be your best bet.

Eat enough to recover. As much as you are skin and bones, this will actually help some on endurance running as that's less weight you have to carry around. I'd say pass the test first, then worry about actually getting in shape, ironic I know, but that's the military testing protocols for you.


I find it rather difficult for anybody to write you a program with no idea of what the test needs, and what your current status is.

Other than make sure you do whats in the test a few times a week. Preferably every day, since in the army people do it every day and it works.


I think he was asking why you weren't training while not in service?

exactly!!! thanks liquidmercury...