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4 Weeks to a One-Arm Pull-Up

For the subject training plan - what should you do on your off days? I am assuming something unloaded and with lower body emphasis? I am also trying to achieve Pavel Tsatsoulines “sinister” swing/getup goal, but I don’t think I can train for a one arm pullup and this goal simultaneously without injury, so I am trying to see what I should fill into off days for this program. Thoughts?


Where would we find the subject training plan?

And can you fill me in on the simple and sinister goal? It’s been many years since I read it, but from memory it’s simply 10 x 10 kb swings with a 24kg bell, followed by 5 TGU’s each side with the same bell. Is that about it?

There’s the pullup training.

And yeah the goal is 50 one arm KB swings per arm in 5min followed by 10 TGUs in 10min all with a 48kg KB.

Are you sure with a 48kg bell? That’s a heavy assed bell, over 100lbs.

Simple and sinister with a 24kg bell is a pretty general GPP daily program, I’ve never had it interfere noticeably with recovery. I’ve never done anything similar to the one armed pull up program mentioned above so I can’t comment on that.

Yeah in his book his “simple” goal is with a 32kg bell (which wasn’t too hard to get) and the “sinister” goal is with a 48kg bell. Definitely a lot harder to get.