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4 Weeks Out

well the cycle went very well. body began to repartion i gues. ended somewhere around 235lbs after about 9 weeks i think?
i lowered the test to 500mg.

felt good solid and put on alot of quality muscle so i decided to give competing a shot, figure,why the hell not.
found a show, may14th which was just under 11 weeks away.
BTW i did a mini bridge after the 9 weeks of bulking, stayed on test but did my HCG and did a big burst week of nolva/clomid
ballz are still there! woot woot
back to competing

so the dieting began about 6 weeks ago
i decided to run tren ace for the contest
started taking tren like 8.2 weeks out, 50mg ed
then bumped it to 100mg ed around week 6
i also cut out my test enth around week 5 so i havnt been on any test for about 12 days
these pictures are where im out now. feel amazing. even on tren alone i feel just great. sex drive is almost better ?? i have no idea why but my body loves tren. no side effects or ANYTHING.

MM pose

First shot looks good.
Congrats on what you’ve accomplished.

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he posted more on his other thread…

1st place novice heavyweight and overall