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4 Weeks Out: Teen Bodybuilder (2)


This is one more picture I forgot about for those of you who have been following my previous thread. If not, really quickly I am 17 years old, natural, and have been competeing since I was 15 years old in various organizations from INBF, NPC, to currently the OCB. This picture was taken the same night as the previous side chest one, a week after winning the 2009 OCB Spirit Of America, and four weeks out from the 2009 OCB Rhode Island Natural.

This is my RELAXED relaxed pose, as in I was not really "hitting" the pose. Unfortunately I used a 6 mega pixel camera with less than decent lighting, so my left arm/lat (YOUR RIGHT) was "shadowed out" from between my lat and arm, making that side appear smaller.. Either way like I said I am just playing around with these blogs for now, and forgot about this picture. Thanks again for everyone's support.



Nice job, but as far as critique, your whole torso needs to be braught up to match you arms and shoulders. Traps are lagging too. Nice job on the competitions too.


Thanks bro, I will be working on brining up my chest in this off season as it is my one major lagging point at the moment. My traps are actually one of my best traits, but bebcause you widen the lats, and prop the shoulers up in this pose, you more or less "put your traps away".


You look great man. If I were you though, I would really focus on putting some more shape and size on your abdominals. You're so lean but they still don't pop like they could being at your level of body fat. Forearms could use some more size as well which will take time.


i hardly think anyone should critique you, as i said before, youve done real well, and like gerdy said, go until 20, then stop, take some years off and bulk till ya huge.
well done


looking good man and I wont offer much in critique because at your age (hell and mine) there is enough room for growing where you don't have to target specific bodyparts yet. I do agree that your arms/shoulders seem to overpower your upper body but don't worry too much about that now.

Your lucky to have decent quad seperation as a teen. That will help you out big time :wink:

One thing I might add and you may already know about it, but try pulling your trunks up a little on the sides of your hips instead of letting them ride flat across your waist. A different cut might allow it to fit better like that as well.

When your trunks lie horizontal on your waist it makes it appear wider than if they have a slight V which will make it appear smaller.

If you look at some pics of the pros you will see that some of them grab the sides of their trunks and pull them up when hitting a front lat spread. Same theory...but you can pull them up an inch or so on either side and your waist will look much smaller in ALL poses.

Keep it up


Yeah I make sure to pull them up on stage. Thanks though. ALSO (to everyone) remember that I was not really hitting the pose as in I did inhale, sucking my abbs in a little which is why they lack definition at this point, but I did not have my chest up, and only my shoulders brought out which adds alot to why they over power. But I will keep working. Thanks for the positive feed back.





I was gonna say it looks like you walked out the door and they snapped a pic lol.


Like I said I was inhaling so my abbs flattened out but had not brought up my chest at that point. Check out my default picture if you want to see ABBS. Here's another shot... but in the worst lighting. It's the only one I can find of recent. If you skeptical I can pull one up from My 07' NPC show.


Nope, correct you are. My mistake.