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4 weeks on prohormones: GSP extended or...?


After months of research I have finally decided to do a 4-week cycle of prohormones. I really like the idea of the Growth Surge Project, but the “on” period is only 2 weeks in that program. Would it be possible to extend those two weeks to four? Any changes needed? The article does mention that going over two weeks might result in too much fat gain, so would it make sense to regulate caloric intake in the two (or all) weeks?


As much as I dislike bumping my own threads… bump

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and try it. If I die during the process I’ll blame you all for not giving me any input :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going with 280mg T-1 and 420mg 4-AD daily and hopefully I will get through the 4 weeks without succumbing.

bro you will be fine just make sure you have something like M andTribex for recovery.
You could even bump up each dossage by 100 or more a day if you would like.

Sounds great, thx for the input! I’ll update later how it went.