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4 Weeks on Mag-10

I know the general rule for Mag-10 is two week use and two weeks M,Tribex. I was wondering if 4 weeks of Mag-10 use would cause adverse effects, and if Tribex and M would be used similarly to combat low T levels. Would it be worth it while bulking or dieting? Have many of you used this approach? How did you feel once off?

I have used it for five weeks ( 3 bottels ).
I have used it for gaining strenght mainly but the LBM gains were great as well. I have put on about 10lbs of weight mainly lean tissue.I was eating over my maintanance cals and during this 5 weeks and prior I was doing a Westside program.At the and I used clomid for my recovery wich was quick :slight_smile: You don’t need to use Tribex and M DURING but rather save it for the end of your Cycle. The coversation of the
4-ad-ac to testosterone will keep your levels at high normal during your cycle.
How did I feel when I was off? I felt SAD because of the great gains I got while I was on… I missed the continous improvements that
I experienced during ON. Other than that I was fine. I maintained my morning woodies :wink: Also if you mainly intrested in gaining LBM. I think most of my gains came in the first two weeks LBM wise and my strenght gains came around the
and of the 2nd week. I like to mention that I was also sick on my 2nd and 3rd week but still
got stronger, bigger and sexier if that is humanly possible :0)