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4 Weeks of Winny Before I Start?


I've been cutting for ages. I want to finish it with one last hard spree with winny. it will be my first injectable cycle 12 weeks of test p that I start afterwards.

I've got my injectable cycle completely planned (thanks to this forum)
The way I see it winny will give me a chance to experiment without any other aas in the pan, with one of the few orals my source has available and I get some extra help cutting (increased endurance and debatably improved fatburing)

Anyway I was just going to do 20 or 40 mg every day for a month (I don't recall my guy's bloody rates atm) Super mild right? SO I figured 4 extra preweeks of aas like this ain't gonna overtax me :slightly_smiling: Also I have nolva on hand, but I probably wont need it for the 4 weeks of winny?

Thanks chaps.


So you are basically going to make a 12 week cycle into a 16 week one?

The only things you will notice from a winstrol dose like that is pumps in the gym. So don't be dumb and run it with your test cycle.


Yeah I wouldn't do that...