4 Weeks of PCT Finished, Low Mood/Libido, Use HCG?

Hi all,
Looking for any advice

Finished my very first cycle of test e 500 mg /week 10 wks

Finished PCT nolvadex 40/40/20/20 this week
Mood , libido still pretty low,

Would you consider use of HCG at this stage or extending the PCT for a little further at 20mg/day with nova

Will things likely get better with time , thanks for any help!

No, HCG comes before the Nolva.

How long after your last shot did you wait to start your PCT?

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15 days after the last shot of 250mg/ test I started on 40mg Nolva

I didn’t have any HCG to hand at the time

Probably shoulda waited another week, but if you’re not feeling like you’re recovered (any labs yet?) then I’d do another round of Nolva, or maybe HCG for 3 weeks (this will suppress you again, but might “light the fire”, so to speak) then do more Nolva.

I’ve still got nolva to hand
Would you think
Go back in with another two weeks of 20/20 ?
I was waiting to finish PCT to get labs done

This normal after just finishing PCT. you’re not,supposed to be 100% after. It takes time.

Do you think there’s any value to doing a couple more weeks or Nolva? Or just wait it out?

I think adding more nolva is a good idea. 20 mg for two weeks is what I would do if I did pct not blast and cruise.

I also agree with you about HCG before the serm (nolva).

This is just kind of the norm. Can take a few months to feel 100%. You were just on a high, and now you came off, it’s expected.

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Thanks everyone , I appreciate the feedback
Total beginner here and stressing myself out
I’ll run another two weeks of nolva at 20/20
I’m 28 so I’m hoping I’ll be able to bounce back with a bit of time.

How long have you done blast and cruise is it something you’re committing to for life? Just intrigued as these highs-low have been pretty rough

I started with trt about 2 years ago. I never used before that. I think it’s best if you have good levels to do PCT, but I did not.

Get bloodwork and wait it out for another month. Like it has already been said, it takes time after the PCT to get back to normal.