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4 Weeks of Meltdown - Now What?


I just finished 4 weeks of meltdown training. Burned off about 20 pounds! I still could stand to lose about another 10 at least, maybe 15. I am taking this week off, recuperating a little. The question is, should I take up another fat burning cycle, like meltdown II or something similar? Or, should I just say screw it, go on a mass cycle and maybe watch my calories? Thanks for any thoughts or comments you might have, and thanks to the people who pointed me in the direction of meltdown training in the first place. Much appreciation,



Um, what's your height, weight, and apporximate body fat percentage now?


I would say that you should go for 5x5 with a small or no calorie deficit. Do this for two to three weeks, then back into the thick of things.

'Course, I think that 5x5 is like the nectar of the gawds. So take that into consideration.

Interval Running's also not a bad idea, check out CT's "Running Man" article.



I like 5x5,IBUR,The Winning Formula, Meltdown II, CrossFit WOD, and Fat to Fire.

I have done all of these and they are all great soI would do them all in 4-6 week cycles.


I'll do a goldberg imitation here:

westside or staley's conjugated periodization. with some sled dragging and low intensity cardio. 6 weeks at least if youre a newbie.


I recommend going with some sort of strength training program such as the previously mentioned 5x5 or the Anti-bodybuilding program by Chad. I'm assuming that your goal is prioritized towards body fat loss, so I'd also include some HIIT and than go back to more lactic acid training after a few weeks, but think about changing the exercises or at least something in the program (i.e. grip, angle of pull, etc.)



Try this, might sound weird but here:

Meltdown II
- (500 calories below don't diet)
Meltdown I (I now, again, yes again)
- T-Dawg v.2
Fat to Fire
- Don't Diet Plan
- Don't Diet Plan
- Don't diet plan (1 p+c meal less)
Fat to Fire II
- T-Dawg v.2 (use a refeed day, and an overfeed)

each routine followed in a 3 week block.

During 5x5 and after start introducing some IBUR, Intervals, 400's etc...

My cousin ran throuhg the very same thing, he gained muscle and lost fat, it worked great, he was a a skinny guy with a gut, and no muscle. The newbie thing definately helped a lot with the muscle growth. But this made a huge improvement. He looks great now. The don't diet plan is truly that good, just be strict and no cheats during it. A cheat really puts a huge halt on things while using the Don't diet outline.



I've found that Meltdown II is an excellent program to follow up Meltdown I with.

You've been working at a fairly low intensity and could use the strength aspect of Meltdown II, plus you want to continue losing weight.

I've done the Meltdown I and II combo with clients and I've had good results.


For Jared - current stats are 5'9", about 200 lbs (down from about 223), bodyfat in the high teens (guessing), I could really stand to lose another 10 lbs at least, maybe 15.

If it were up to me, I would just start banging out the heavy stuff and say the hell with it, but I have tortured my lovely wife by making her look at my flab for far too long, thought maybe I could lighten up some and give her eyes a well deserved rest!!

It's not that the fat loss is the priority, though, just that according to this forum, to make some real solid gain in lbm, everyone recommends getting down to about 10% bf. That's what the real goal is - significant and quality gains in mass.

Rob - meltdown is low intensity??? Holy shit, I thought I was dying! Am I really that out of shape? I mean, the first week was brutal - I couldn't catch my breath, my heart was pounding, I was sweating like a f'ing pig! Is it really low intensity - or are you just jerking my chain? LOL

Thanks for all the comments, though. I have a couple of more days to make up my mind. I will let you all know which way I go and the results.



Don't worry - colloquially speaking, meltdown is hell (ie VERY intense) but as a percentage of your 1 RM, the lifts are of a very low intensity.