4 Weeks Later... No Visible Change?

Last 4 weeks and no visible change on the Get Shredded Diet. Hmmm. Metabolic slow down? No changes in calories or workout. First pic is before and the next one is this morning. Anyone see any change? Kind of suxs.

I would say you look a little leaner.

Thanks, bro. I could not see anything. Made me feel a little better. :slight_smile:

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How many calories were you eating for the 4 weeks? How many calories were you eating before you started? What did your workout plan look like?

Like EyeDentist commented, I would agree you look a little leaner, but were already quite lean to begin with.

Why are you still trying to get leaner? You are already quite lean and are primed for a well controlled bulk to fill out your frame. Going for the “shredded” look at your size may lead to a sickly/frail appearance, even though you would have definition.

That phone is fucking massive😂


How many calories were you eating for the 4 weeks? 10 x body weight

How many calories were you eating before you started? Same it was a 12 week program

What did your workout plan look like? Full body, high frequency

Just wanted to see some progress is all. Going to start ramping up calories to gain some LBM now. Thanks for your opinion.

Going to start ramping up my calories. Nothing more than to say I can accomplish the 12 week shredding program. :slight_smile:

Its my tablet. I use it for logging my workout. CHeaper than my phone if it gets damaged. ha!

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Do you guys think I am at around 12% BF?

12% looks like the right ballpark.

As far as before/after goes, it’s hard to see much, but you wouldn’t expect to. Especially true since the first pic is a little higher contrast – either because you were a bit tanner then, or just due to the light.

If there’s any real change visible, IMO, it’s around your waistband. There’s a visibly slimmer fit through there in the second pic, though the fact that they’re different shorts could affect that as well. Either way, it’s lookin’ good, and I agree with the sentiment that you’re in a good place to start filling it out even more with lean mass.


Tanning and body hair removal make a huge impact when you get around your level of leanness.

Pics are also tough to judge because a small change in lighting and body position can make a big difference.

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There’s a slight change, but 4 Weeks isn’t really a lot of time. Of course how much muscle mass you have at the start will have a big impact on how visible a change can be, as well as how truly lean you’re starting at. That’s why competitors can appear so drastically different just a week or even a few days apart.



Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. The one about tanning and hair removal is something that did not cross my mind. Will have to groom and tan.

after 7 years of training you will be really mad if you take a picture of yourself every 4 weeks, you will see thats there is no change every 4 weeks it take month and years to build a decent physique.

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