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4 Weeks Into TRT and Would Love Any Advice

Hey all,

First I want to say thank you to all of the experts here in this community. There’s not a whole lot of information on the web about TRT/HRT, but here is where all the experts seem to be. I’ve been reading through quite a few posts and have learned a lot. So thank you.

I’m 38 years old and have actively been trying to get my health together. Over the past 6 months I have been working on losing weight. I’ve always been a big guy - loved powerlifting in my 20s - but got busy with work and let things go in my 30s. I’ve been hitting the gym, riding a fan bike about 5-7 times a week and have lost around 6" off my big gut over four months. I don’t monitor a scale because I am trying to add muscle while losing some fat at the same time.

Back story

I really cleaned up my diet. Limited processed carbs - I even go every other week without any processed carbs/foods. I still to mostly beef and fish. I hate chicken from my bro days in college when all I ate was chicken breast, sweet potatoes and broccoli. I eat about 5 servings of fruit a day as I can’t do the no carb diet. I have no energy and get really cranky without carbs. I also don’t monitor my calories since I do cardio for an hour a day and lift for an hour a day. Overall my diet is clean and I don’t drink juice/soda or even flavored water.

As time wore on into my six months, I was losing energy. I was/am probably training too much, but I used to train harder in my 20s. I have been getting to sleep between 9-10pm, and wake up at between 4:30-5:30am daily. I am a super easy gainer, so I have to train often to lose the weight.

I had a hard time losing fat, was losing energy over time, and wasn’t recovering optimally from my weight-training sessions.

So I reached out to an online source for TRT. They did my blood levels (no free testosterone test) and all of my numbers were within normal range (according to labcorp). I don’t have my test results because I was dumb and accidentally deleted them. My total testosterone was 465 ng/mL - I still wanted to try testosterone because I want to lose fat, get better erections (have had a difficult time with this over the past five years), get more energy, and recover better from weightlifting.

Current regimen

The doctor put me on 200mg of test cyp per week with anastrazole(IM). I also take 50(x2) units of HCG along with the test. I take HCG on the day I inject with test, and three days later.

The first week I had a hard time falling asleep/staying asleep. The second and third weeks I would have a hard time sleeping for the first and second night after the injection.

So far in the fourth week, things seemed to have settled and I am sleeping much better. Part of the reason why I think I was having a hard time sleeping is my body temperature seems to have gone up and I was getting hotter at night.

My muscles are definitely harder than ever, I am recovering faster, and I am seeing noticeable gains in the weight room. I’m not necessarily adding a ton of weight to my regimen, however I can bust out a lot more reps. I have started getting a few pimples, but my skin feels tighter and younger.

I know I said I didn’t use a scale above, but since I have been going to my primary doctor for other issues (asthma related stuff), I have been seeing my weight measurements. I’ve gained five pounds since I started TRT while losing another 2" off my waist circumference.

My mood has stabilized big time. I never had depression, but I definitely had my cranky moments where I just got into a sour mood until I got a good night’s rest. Now things seem to be much more balanced with my mood and overall I am much happier.

So, overall I am happy with where I am at. However, after reading through the forums, I am concerned that I should not be on the anastrazole and HCT? What do you guys think? Also, I know my 200mg of test cyp. per week is on the high side, but I am okay with that as I would like to build muscle. Are there any suggestions you could/would make to optimize my regimen?

Thanks again. First time post, so take it easy on me. And thanks for reading through my long post.

Stay the program, be patient.

Consider splitting the dose into two shots per week. Consider going subq. Pay attention to how you feel, and ask questions as they come up.

Don’t get obsessed with it. It’s not a big deal.

Be patient - benefits show up at six weeks and you will continue to see improvement for the next year. Sleep will normalize.

Good luck!

Mixing testosterone with anastrozole is a big no no! It doesn’t allow you to individually optimise all levels and could eventually lead to crushed estrogen which then would need a new prescription.

Glad to hear you are doing well this early in the game, in 2 more weeks your levels will stabilize and then you’ll be able to judge your protocol. Labs are important, but symptom resolution is more important.

That’s some pretty fast changes for only two weeks into TRT. Its been the start of week 3 for me right now and I haven’t felt much changes at all yet. I would see you can avoid the AI if possible though, there is a lot of research out that is showing the AIs have terrible side effects, and possible long term negative health outcomes. People who have issues with higher estrogen conversion can also find release from more frequent injections, trying sub q injections, or lowering dosage.

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I think you’re right. Right now I am feeling really good. Even at the end of the one week cycle, I still feel good. I can tell a slight difference in energy dropping off, but it could also be that I inject on Saturday and by Friday I am wiped from work as well.

My first two injections IM in my thigh left a bit of soreness, but my fourth injection I felt almost nothing during and after.

Good call on not getting obsessed with it…I do need to let the TRT and doctor’s suggestions run their course.
Thank you for your feedback. It’s what I needed.

Thanks for the advice. I really started to notice changes in week 3 (i’m in week 4). The reason why I put up my post is that I did see so much talk about the AIs causing issues. Considering I am doing well on my current regimen, I will continue what my doctor set me up with and closely monitor weird side effects.

I’m a endomorph to the fullest extent, and I am more afraid of getting gyno more than anything else. I think I might be prone to it to some past experiences with prohormones in the 2000s.

I did read your post of when you started your TRT and do hope you get your stuff figured out. It sucks that you have less energy and don’t feel quite as good as you hoped for.

Continuing the discussion from 4 Weeks Into TRT and Would Love Any Advice:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep a close eye on my e2. I am really doing everything I can control to optimize what I’ve been given. No alcohol, regular schedule, good eating, and sleep.

What are the typical signs of low estrogen?

BTW, thanks for your help. This community is legit.

It gets better. I shot in my glutes, realize this isn’t possible for everybody, and never had a problem. I switched to subq in my belly because of reading that it may be better at minimizing peaks and troughs, although I think that may just be voodoo. The belly, for me, is more painful during the injection, but no post injection pain.I have done quads before but never liked it.

When I started I was starving for information and overly concerned with gyno as well. Now, I hardly think about it (almost four years).

Stay the course, ask questions. Obvs, this forum is a great resource, but you have to make your own decisions.

The signs of low estrogen are emotionally blunt, racing thoughts unable to slow down, headaches behind the eyes and popping loose and sore joints.

Sounds like my life to a “t”

minimizing peaks and troughs is more about more frequent injections instead of larger doses with less frequent injections, to my understanding. It is also metabolized slower through the fat so you get less E2 conversation in theory as well. Also its safer and less damaging then constantly poking holes in your muscles with frequent IM shots.

Thanks for the concern man, I am feeling better right now. The first couple weeks were just rough as it killed my natural test production before the exogenous testosterone started kicking in. Fill much more normal the start of this week. Waking up more refreshed and mentally clear. I just don’t see the physical changes yet. Also if you get the chance I would recommend reading the TOT Bible by Jay Campbell or some of the work of Dr. Nichols. They seem to have some really helpful stuff about some of the treatment options and benefits available right now.

Funny you say to read that book - I picked up on that from your own post in your experience. I am going to start reading it tonight with my Kindle Unlimited account tonight. Thanks for posting that info. I am glad to hear you are feeling more normal.

I’m pretty stoked about seeing physical improvements so far - I have a long way to go, but this is a great start.

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Agreed. I think I mentioned this before but it may have been in a different thread. I’m not into E3.5D because it’s burdensome to me. I shoot E5D.

I have read this as well.

Like I said, I shoot E5D subq and have no E2 issues.

Awesome man keep at it!

If that’s what works for you and you are feeling good that’s perfect man.

I think that is the key, what works for you, and it takes some figuring out to get there. I know my protocol will be different than others, but I found what works. I encourage others to do the same.


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