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4 Weeks into Sustanon/Tren/Win Stack. Need Advice


I’m 5’10” 220lbs. I tried Dieball for two months was happy with the results so I asked my friend to get me in something a little more serious so he suggested I stack:
sustanon - twice a week 1cc
Tren- 3 times a week .5cc
Win- 25mg every day

It’s not really listed as a common stack and any talk of that people always point out that it should be ran at a higher dose. so I ask Should I resume this regimen ?should I change it completely and how ? or should I upped the dose

I’ve been in this cycle for 4weeks I’ve only gone through 1bottle each sus/tren. I’ve seen modest gains maybe 2/5 of what my expectations were.

I have some test prop coming if you think that would help…I’m open to adding / subtracting to he stack to make it right…thanks again!

Any help would be appreciated. I made a mistake I jumped the gun I think the only way I can make a right is if somebody new asked me about doing a cycle the information I passed down to them should be to not make the same mistakes I have.

Do you understand the gravity behind altering your hormones?

You need to stop listening to friends when it involves your body and health.

The answer to your question is out there you need to do the research you should have done in the first place. Stop looking for the easy way out by asking random people or friends. Put the time and effort into research and studies.

My man, you can’t even get basic volumetric measurements right. You are way, way over your skis here. You need to stop this bullshit and start doing something more productive. You have zero need for tren on your first cycle. Zero. If you couldn’t make gains from just a decent dose of test then you had no business touching steroids.

You say you know that you screwed up, but then you also say some things that make me think you don’t really understand that. You ask if you should have upped the dose, as if that’s how you fix a problem. I don’t know, when you’re stuck in a hole do you keep digging?

Drop the tren, drop the winstrol, finish your sustanon run at the 10 week mark, then wait three weeks and start pct. That is the most logical solution here. But do what you wish.


Okay what source do I research? I’m willing to hit what ever books I need to. I only took my friends suggestion because he’s supposed to be really really knowledgeable. This was my second cycle; dianabol being my first.

Dropping the win and tren finishing the 10 weeks and then after 3 weeks start pct. thank you.

Stick around here and you’ll learn a lot. You’ll see links to studies, you’ll get anecdotes from vets, and you’ll also get some good information from our resident endo/bodybuilder/beast. If you have questions then ask them. Nobody gets mad at the guy who’s trying to better understand how to do this safely and effectively.

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Okay pct being

There’s a pct kits that has a 60mg pill that contains:

Nolvadex 10mg

Proviron 25mg

Clomid 25mg

What are your thoughts on aromasin 25mg and dosage?

Is my pct schedule still 3 weeks after I finish the sustanon??? Thanks for your help!

Whoever is selling this i would not trust anything they sell

Whoa really?!

Proviron is not a pct drug. It is an oral steroid. It causes suppression of natural testosterone and thus works against your goals during recovery.

Look, people use it. I don’t know why, but they do. And most of them recover. The problem is that it is still not the right way to do it. You’re trying to recover while still signaling to your body that it doesn’t need to produce as much testosterone. That’s the definition of working at cross-purposes. Because proviron is fairly weak the suppression effect is low. But you want to avoid all suppression while you’re trying to return to homeostasis.

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For sure clomid, Novadex right?
I’ve tried novadex with my dbol cycle; which I feel was successful.

What about Aromasin?