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4 Weeks Into First Cycle, Very High E2 Levels. Help?

Hi All,

Just after some advice. My first cycle has consisted of 250mg test e per week & 50mg of var per week.

After 4 weeks i’ve decided to get some bloods done and the results have come back very bad. I am hoping someone could offer some advice.

e2 - 321 pmol/L (<150)

Test - 47.6 nmol/l ref range 6.0 - 28.0
SHBG re-std. - 5 nmol/l ref range 15 - 50
Free Test - 1892 pmol/l ref range 200 - 600

AST 105 U/L ref range <41
ALT 86 U/L ref range < 51

Var cycle has finished yesterday which will help with the ast and alt i believe.
I have arimidex and nolva on hand, just wondering which dosage would be best to lower e2.
I don’t have any gyno symptoms but really would like to get the levels back into normal range.

Is there anything else i should worry about with the levels.

Thanks in advance.

What’s your PCT plan?

Adex inhibits aromatization (conversion of test into estrogen), while tamoxifen blocks the estrogen from attaching to the receptor.

Arimidex is commonly used on cycle. That way you can know exactly how much estrogen is in your blood. If you are off cycle and waiting for estrogen levels to drop, tamoxifen is probably a better choice and is most commonly run on PCT along with HCG.

If you have no gyno or estrogen symptoms then you may not need either, especially given that your pretty much just a little bit above a TRT dose of testosterone

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The plan is to run test for another 6 weeks then PCT will be nolva 20mg ed for 4 weeks starting week after last pin along with hcg.

I was just worried with the levels being high now and feel as though i should introduce adex or nolva.


If you’re feeling good with no symptoms, then chug along with what you’re doing. If you feel more comfortable controlling E2 then add 0.25mg Adex twice a week and pay close attention to how you feel.

Drop the Adex to 0.25mg for the week after your last pin, then completely when you start PCT

Everyone tolerates arimidex to different degrees. So learning how you tolerate it is beneficial if you plan to cycle more in the future, especially at higher doses of aromatizing substances.

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10-20mg of nolva/day, on cycle. Much less harsh than adex, less likely to totally tank your E2 which is common with adex. I don’t know why so many people recommend adex, low E2 is just as bad in its own way as high E2.

free T is 3x the top of the ref range (this ref rage is a little bit low, lets say 750-800 is cutoff) so 2-3x top end of physiological production. E2 is 2x the top of the ref rage… what did you expect? Did you not expect testosterone to aromatise at a proportional rate to increased T/FT?

How do you feel? If you feel fine, leave it alone… Individualistic reactions differ, but generally testosterone is a heavily estrogenic/watery compound when used at the dosages required for performance enhancement.

Estrogen regulates glucose/lipid metabolism, is indirectly anabolic (various mechanisms), somewhat regulates neurological homeostasis, mediates nitric oxide release/modulates exercise induced vasodilation… You want estrogen (though too much can be detrimental). In this case, an E2 of 321 absent of symptoms on 250mg/wk (androgen index is proportional to E2) would be nothing to be acutely concerned about. Long term we don’t know what the ramifications are in relation to men having supraphysiologic concentrations of E2. AAS use however has many long term ramifications (at this point well documented within literature)… although genetic discrepancies exist.

I would be more concerned with AST than E2. This isn’t terrible, but once you get to 3X top range, I would be concerned. Did you use Tudca? Might be something to consider next time if not.

This…this looks normal. If you don’t have symptoms then don’t treat it. AI is for symptoms, not numbers.