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4 Weeks into Cycle

currently in the 4th week of a sust and deca cycle sust at 500mg and deca at 300. I have just recently got a chest infection not a majorly bad one. should I carry on training lightly or stop for a few days. it’s starting to kick in so would be a bit annoying if I had to stop the cycle.

I don’t know what you mean by chest infection but I am also on sustanon cycle and I got flue or common cold. I didn’t stop. It is so annoying but can not be helped. My cycle still didn’t kick in as strenght yet. It has been 13 days

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I just feel shitty don’t have cold symptoms more on my chest. I am of gym shortly so will see how my workout is. I have had sust flu before and it put me in bed for a few days. I will try carry on as my weight is slowly starting to creep on and don’t want to lose it

Mine not related to gear

I was sick before starting still couldn’t fully recover

It’s not going to kill you to take it easy for a few days. If your body needs rest then give it some rest. It really won’t make a difference two months from now.

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agreed I tried training and it just didn’t happen. Bed rest and just going to try keep my calories up.

If your contagious plz keep your ass out of any gym unless its your personal home gym… Be considerate of the bros we dont wantnto get sick as well. As crazy as this sounds i promise you wont lose your gains with a few days of rest