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4 Weeks Into Cycle, Shoulder Problem

correct me if im wrong, so i should run my sus only for the first cycle, 10kws from the first injection? i only wanted deca to help me with my joints while on the cycle, and still no one has explained the negatives that deca might do to me in my first cycle. there are a lot of posts to run test with deca so thats why im confused, sus is a blend of 4 different tests , help me understand that please, before i go bananas :slight_smile: thx

The only reason I suggest not using the deca is to keep it simple for your first cycle.

you can still run the deca if you want of course, if you are going to do that then run it at 2/3 the dose of your sus

electric , this is my firs and last cycle, maybe when im 50 again :), so running deca w sus will keep it more complex to return to normal state, ir will it give me higher lbs gain, not really understanding pros and cons sus/deca, vs sus alone.

You seem a bit confused with your dosing and cycle plan, so for that reason alone I reccommended dropping the deca for this cycle.

At the correct doasge and frequency it is benificial to add deca to a sus cycle, but it is a personal choice.

Also as this is your first cycle it is reccommended to keep it simple, your body is not used to suddemly being pumped full of androgens, so it is better to ease your self into it with a single compound and build yourself up to multi compound cycles, ideally you should be using test and not sus, but you have sus so this is how I reccommend making the best of what you have.

iā€™m dropping deca then.

doing sus only 500 wk,
mon 250
thu 250

i have done two injection of deca 200mg total of 400mg, will that effect my cycle in any way that i stoped deca after such a short time?

and last Questions
for how long should i stay on sus?
should i use HCG? or just run clomin 3 weeks after my last shot?


Do not worry about the small amount of deca taken so far as long as you continue the cycle righ and PCT properly you willl be fine.

If you want to do it right you need to inject the sus EOD (every 48 hours)

I would run this for another 8 to 10 weeks (your choice everybody is different)

today is day 1 from here do 250mg EOD for 70 days, then start your PCT on day 94.

Can you get nolvladex?

And of course you will want to research all this advice before you go ahead, I would not like to think that you would just accept the opinion of one just one person without checking it up first, oops you did that once already though! So do not make the same mistake again, do not just take my word for it, google your ass off dude!

EDIT> personally I do use HCG again personal choice

you mean 125mg EOD ? 250mh oed is 875mg/wk

i will run it for 8 weeks, i f**ked up already, dont want to strech the cycle too long.

the only thing im not sure of is it to run HCG? do i need to run it? and what the advantage of running hcg before PCT in my cycle?

thx bro for youe help ā€¦

125mg EOD is better for a first cycle IMO

you need to research HCG yourself as I do not use it and never intend too.