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4 Weeks Into Cycle, Shoulder Problem

need some pro advice,
im into 5 weeks into my cycle
dbol 20mg day weeks 1-5
deca 200mg wk started in week 4 for weeks 4-10
test 250mg sustanon wk started in week 4 for weeks 4-10

started deca/test late cause of my source,

anyway, my soulder is giving pain that complicate my workouts, been to chiropractor and it doesnt seem to help, he said i need two weeks off from gym, :frowning: bad timing…

what should i do, my deca/test should kick in about 1-2 weeks, this sucks big time, running juice and cant workout.

You are not running very much “juice” at all, so I would not worry about that.

Your Chiropractor has told you not to go to the gym just because you have a sore shoulder?

How much are you paying this quack?

Go down the gym, and if your shoulder is that bad then blast your abs and legs for 2 weeks while your shoulder recovers.

Are you planning on running a PCT?

You should have waited until all your gear and PCT drugs were in hands before starting your cycle. But I hope you realize that by now.

I agree with E, don’t stop your cycle. Keep working out using movements that are pain free. In the mean time go very light on the movements that give you problems and attempt to start rehab on the shoulder. Legs can be blasted and gains made so dont give up hope.

thx bros

im all good on a PCT, thx

[quote]bullman08 wrote:
thx bros

im all good on a PCT, thx


Rightio then

Hey brother, shoulder problems, eh? Thats a slippery slope my friend. My advice would be to get Glutamine and Fish Oil into your system stat. If your already on these two, up the dose. Hell, mega dose the fish oil till you get oil runni… alright, inappropriate. haha. But go for about 15g of each. This will work wonders for your rehab. Again, REHAB. And thats exactly what your going to need to do. If you went to the chiropractor, then its getting serious… Take some time off of shoulder training, or anything that going to put much strain on them for a couple of weeks. After that time, come back real slow, with very light weight and become religious about form.

As far as gear goes, Deccas going to help with the joints, but the tes is going to do the opposite. So i would think youd be back at square one.

Good Luck with this Sir

will do the up dose of fish oil and glutamin, im running sustanon, thought of changing it to 500mg a week, should i stay at only 250mg?

You said you were on 300mg of test a week?

i was going to , but the capsules are 250, so i would have to open two of them for the extra 50, and then play with storage of the remaing 200 for the next shot, too much hassle.

So why did you say you was on 300mg of test a week firstly?

I think you do not even know what you are doing and are making numbers up to try and get someone to spell out a cycle for you.

250mg of sus a week or 300mg of test a week are both terible dosages anyway, so if you have not started yet, go to the steroid newbire threads and start planning again.

sorry electricE

im not playing a game, this is my first cycle, next time i wont start until all my gear is ready, i screwed up by listening to the guy to go ahead with my oral, and injectables are only few days to get. it would be helpfull if u can gime me your opinion.


No need to appologise.

I do not know what opinion to give you to be honest, is your now edited post the actual course you are on? You say you on on week 5 and you started injecting on week 4, so you should have had 1-2 injections of test by now, what did you inject test or sus?

last week monday was my first injection of sus250 / deca200, and my second was last nite same dose as last week, i have enough sus to run 5 weeks 500 a week. the idiot that i got my gear from told to to see how 250 goes and increase if low results.

Ok well I do not know wht you first postd that you were using 300mg of test a week, I was kinda hoping that meant you was dosing 100mg E3D at least.

250mg of sustanon E7D is a very bad idea, you have been given extremely poor advice, you are running to much deca in relation to your sustanon.

I am not sure how to bail you out of this terrible cycle.

I think you need a very kind vet to work it out, i would say just stop right now, but I am not sure if any PCT would be required and if so how much.

The other option would be to use all the sus you have EOD and do a very short sysle, but again this would still require some sort of PCT as you do not have enought to taper and you cannot taper well on sus.

Let’s see how we can deal with your bad situation, what compounds do you have for your planned PCT?

for my PCT i have clomid and HCG

[quote]bullman08 wrote:
for my PCT i have clomid and HCG , and getting more of deca or sus is no problem to get… thx for your help…


HCG should not be used during PCT. If you are going to use it do so during the cycle in small amounts. 250i.u. 2x per week or e3d. Stop HCG use a couple weeks prior to starting PCT.

Oh man, this makes me cringe. Alright, if theres anyway you can get more gear, do so. ASAP. Like as in yesterday kind of ASAP. If not man, I would just continue the dbol only that you have going on, and just save the injectables for later. I’m a big fan of orals only for newbies, bc for most, the first go around with steroids they’re still learning. Hate to say it, but its the truth… So my suggestion, finish up the dbol. Follow with the standard, clomid pct, and just take this time to learn. Get very in depth about dieting, the different training programs, and… how to prevent shoulder injuries. Haha. And of course, take it easy on your shoulder.

Feel free to PM me

You do like the edit function don’t ya! :slight_smile:

If you can get more sus I see you have 2 options

either stop everything right now and perhaps run a small amount of chlomid starting in 10 days at say 20mg a day.

Or get some more sus, and ditch the deca as a first cycle stick to just sus. and inject it every 48 hours (EOD) for the next 10 weeks, this will basically put you on a 10 week sus only cycle, the other stuff you have took so far is insignificant.

as it is your first cycle it would be best for you to inject 1/2 ml of sus (125mg) each time instead of the full 250mg, just draw up two syringes of sus ach time and save one in a clean and sterile envioroment for the next injection

If you can get novladex insttead of chlomid I strongly recommend that you do, I would use novladex for your PCT starting 2 weeks after your last injection at 40mg a day for 2 weeks and then 20 mg a day for another 2 weeks.

If I have got this wrong hopefully someone of more experience will step in and ajust what I have proposed.

what would be the advantage of not using deca at all, and run sus alone, running 125mg of sus every 48 hrs puts me at 437mg of sus a week. as far as my diet, its on a spot, been lifting for over 10yrs now, i just need someone to direct me into the right direction… thx bros, btw my shouder injury was not done in gym

I reccomend not using the deca as this is your first cycle.

It is best to just use test alone for your first cycle.