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4 Weeks into Cycle, How Long to See Results?

Hi guys.
I am on my 4th week of my first cycle of test deca and dbol.
1cc of test 1ccof deca and .5cc of dbol every 5 days.
When should I exspect to see real results?

what are the concentrations of your test and deca? You’re injecting Dbol?

Why are you injecting every 5 days? Half life of Test is 7, so the typical protocol is and injection every 3.5 days or basically twice a week.

alot depends on diet and training, etc.

Not sure bout the concentration.
I was told to do an injection evry 5 days.

Dbol is oral.

I am in the gym 7 days a week.

My diet is killer.

So you’re injecting an unknown quantity of drugs into your body, swallowing another unknown drug, and you’re not even familiar enough with the compounds to be able to estimate how long it takes before you see results…but we’re supposed to believe that your diet is “killer”? Ok. Good luck, mate.


Do the vials have funny number combinations like 100mg/ML or 250mg/ML on them?

I’d like to see a sample day of your killer diet as well. Just interested.


jesus. nope.


How old are you? First cycle? How much research did you do before you started this? What are your stats? And yes, inquiring minds would love to see your diet posted.

Hi guys sorry I should have added all the info your asking.
I’m 49.

I did a cycle in my early 20s.

I have been in the gym for 9 weeks but have always been in good shape as I have done construction work all my life.

Your goal is 50% carbs and only 20% protein, but you’re on test and two mass-building steroids. None of that makes sense. Your muscles need protein to grow. Eating a ton of carbs is not really how you build quality, lean muscle. Your diet isn’t killer.

It hard to read, but it looks like your Test E is 250 mg/ml. So at 1 cc or 1 ml, you are using 250 mg/5 days. This is just barely above TRT levels for some guys. For a “cycle” you should consider about 500 mg/week. This would be 1 ml (of test) twice a week. What about your deca? and what is the strength of your dbol?

Any Aromatase Inhibitors in your protocol? Otherwise between “deca dick” and high estrogen levels, you are about to crash hard.

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Yes I am doing nac for a liver cleanser and a estrogen blocker.

again, brother. Please be more specific: Arimidex, Nolvadex, Aromasin, Letrozol, Clomid…? Timing, dose?


Dude if you want people on this forum to help you, you have got to let loose with the details. Your one word answers are not going to get you anywhere. When do you take the nolva? How much? How long? Don’t be surprised if people stop responding if continue with this.

Yep, I’m pretty much done. There’s probably over 100 years of steroid experience on this forum and anybody that cant see the value in that isnt worth the time.


Has no one noticed this?
your frequency is pinning is too low. Dbol should be multiple times a day. Your completely out of whack here, its uncalled for.

Ohhh my God! I would recomend you to stop right now, while you’re still alive!
For the record, 4 weeks with some Deca, Dbol plus test (low, but not that low, just low), man, you should see results, no way… increase of weight, even that bad increase full of water, even this you should be able to see

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